Saturday, December 20, 2008

Look what we made!

At the beginning of the week I decided that we were going to make some type of gingerbread structure this weekend. I was on a local moms forum and saw pictures of a great looking gingerbread train and thought it looked really neat and my kids would love it. So I did a search online and came across, you can go there and find all the information on making a gingerbread train. They give instruction to make the gingerbread dough, templates to print and cut out for the train and directions on how to make the "glue". I started on Thursday and mixed one batch of dough and refridgerated it overnight. Then yesterday I made another batch in the early afternoon and then refridgerated that one. While that one was refridgerating I cut out all the pieces and made what I could from the first batch of dough. Last night I finished baking all the pieces and sorted them out. They didn't come out great and mistakes were made which can be expected when you have kids lurking around trying to see what you are doing.
I used a cookies cutter for the circles!
This afternoon after running errands with the family we came back I mixed the "glue"
and put it in bags.
Since the boys were napping and Malaina was watching TV I put the train together, I didn't totally get to finish before Anthoney woke and wanted to help.
The kids had a blast decorating it and now my house smells so yummy!! Although this isn't edible because we used Royal Icing as the "glue".

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Free 8x10 Photo

Walgreens Pictures, Images and Photos


CVS 12/21-12/27

I have been neglecting CVS lately but only because it hasn't been good to me. The sales haven't been to tempting. I did go Sunday because I wanted to up my ECB's. I purchased the Earinse which we use, I paid $4.99 out of pocket because I used $5 ECB. So I have $9.99 ECB on one card and $5.00 ECB on my mom's to use this weekend. I am excited about the BIG sale starting the 21st so I already got my coupons and transaction ready.

None of my transactions include a $/$$ CVS coupon but you can find a $4/$20 at, just click on the CVS coupon link. You can also see a full ad scan and a run down of coupon match ups on that site as well.

Transaction 1

2 Arm & Hammer Essentials $5.98 Earn $5.98 ECB
-2 $1 off MQ
1 Excedrin Express gels $3.99 Earn $3.99 ECB
-$1 off CVS Mailer coupon
1 Listerin 16.9 oz $2.99 Earn $2.99 ECB
-$1 off CVS coupon from the diabetes booklet

Total $12.96
CVS coupons
-9.99 ECB

$1.02 after taxes

Need $.98 Filler, probably a stocking stuffer for one of the kids or some cheap makeup.
Earn $12.96 ECB

Transaction 2
2 Right Guard Professional $12.00 Earn $12.00 ECB
- 2 $.50 off MQ
1 Thermacare Neck to Arm $2.49 Earn $2.49 ECB
-$1.00 MQ

Total $14.49
CVS Coupons
-12.96 ECB

$1.62 after taxes

Need $.38 Filler, probably a stocking stuffer for one of the kids
Earn $14.49 ECB

Transaction 3

1 Crest ProHealth Rinse $2.99 Earn $2.00 ECB
1 Crest ProHealth toothpaste $2.99 Earn $2.00 ECB
-$3.00 off when you buy one rinse and one toothpaste (I got this in the mail)

Total $5.98

$.69 out of pocket after taxes

I leave with $12.00 and $4.00 ECB and hopefully less than $1.00 out of pocket!


I was shocked to see an email from Dorie at! You can learn more about her and her giveaways on her blog I won the giveaway from
Dorie at Madlu Designs, designs cards for all occassions. With winning the giveaway I chose a Christmas/Holiday design and sent her pictures to place as she please on the card. She did a fabulous job and was done within 24 hours! I ordered my 4x6 cards through because I had 50 free prints to use up and I am working on another "family" photo project so this met my 50 free prints. I go them the day after I ordered them with regular shipping!! Very impressed! I addressed them and they are ready to go out in the mail today!

Photos by Come Undone Photography and The Studio at Harford

Monday, December 15, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

I thought I would try something new. I do typically plan out meals but I have been slacking and have spent more money out of pocket because of my laziness. I found this awesome blog I'm an organizing Junkie

Click on the picture above to view her blog.
Every Monday she Host via her blog a place to show off your menu for the week. I like this becuase I can try new things instead of the same boring things every week.

So her goes...

Monday Baked Macaroni-n-Cheese with cubed ham and buscuits

Speedy Chicken Stir Fry

Wednesday Meat Loaf, Mashed potatoes and corn

Thursday Bourbon Chicken with rice and broccoli

Friday Spaghetti with meatballs

Saturday Oven fried pork chops, mashed potatoes and green beans

Sunday Enchiladas and refried beans

Macy's Friends and Family Discount

This is the last day!

Macy's Friends and Family Discount