Friday, March 5, 2010

Crazy, Hectic Day Going on Over Here

This is the first time I have had a chance to sit down since this morning.
Seems like our day is revolved around food. We just had our morning snack and now it's lunch time.

I wanted to quickly get on and share the dress I made last night. This was made out of T shirts, the Super Man Logo is a reverse applique. My daughter chose to pair this dress with her jeggings (jean leggings). She is such the fashionista!

This evening I have plans of making another dress or two if I can and play around with the pattern to make it more girly. Atleast I have that too look forward to.

This day is just going by too slow!

House was a Disaster Area

I wish there was something Moms could drink so that we never got sick! I woke up yesterday still feeling a bit dizzy but as I looked around I knew I couldn't spend another day in bed.

Macy's crib was piled high with clean clothes, towels, blankets and sheets. The trash can in the bathroom was overflowing, the boys room smelled funny, still haven't found out why, the living room and kitchen were just plain nasty.

Although I do appreciate my mom and husbands effort, I like my house a certain way and how it was just wasn't cutting it.

I immediately got the kids ready for school, dropped them off which put me in a bad mood for a bit because of a lady honking her horn and yelling at my kids. Apparently my 7 yr old was taking too long to get my 4 year old out of the back of the van.

When I got home I went to work at cleaning up. It took just about all day. I did however get sidetracked when I noticed I finally recieved my pdf patterns from Lil Blue Boo, I love her stuff and I wanted to try my hand at making similar dresses. If you aren't familiar with her, she makes fabulous upcycled t-shirt dresses. She has been listing a couple a day on etsy and they get sold within seconds. Her patterns are very user friendly and she gives tips to working with knit fabric. I made one dress for my daughter last night, but it looks like she may need a longer length. I think she has an outfit in mind for this morning so I will take a picture once she is up and dressed.

Today I am watching the Big Boy and his sister. I need to start planning our day. I am thinking lots of crafts and Burger King play area!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I'm in over my head!

That's what my mother said to me today.

I had a relapse of this stomach bug that is going around and my husband couldn't come home from work so I called my mom and asked for help. She brought the kids lunch, they were all home from school as well recovering from the stomach bug.

My mother doesn't see how I can get everything I need done in one day when all the kids need this, that and attention. I never really thought about it. A big part of it is patience and I choose my battles. I try to be as organized as I can be.

My mom was a bit irritated with me when she went to go get Macy's bath stuff, she didn't know how to open the Ikea container, but before that she couldn't find it. This brings me back to Macy's area in my bedroom. Everything is labeled, lol! Another issue was cloth diapers. Since we have all been sick I have found it easier to use our all in one diapers, no thinking needed, so I thought. My mom grabbed an insert thinking she was just going to take the insert out of the all in one. We were down to gdiapers only so I quickly showed her and she was about to put it on backwards. I love my mom and she was a lifesaver today, I just find these little frustrations funny!

When Chris came home, my mom had already been gone for hours. I got Cameron and Macy to sleep and I was laying in bed. It was great! It lasted maybe an hour before Macy got up and it started with the cloth diapers again. Chris tries his best, it's hilarious when he fudges up something so simple. He assumed that the bum genius diapers went on backwards too. Silly silly man!

I noticed today how much I do that my husband has no clue about. I know I am controlling and I like things a certain way. I am not sure I can give that up. With that said I would love to have woken up from my hour nap with the house clean, diapers washed/dried and days worth of laundry put away.

I am giving myself a 9:30 bedtime tonight because the kids are feeling better and they must go back to school! I am hoping to be back to normal tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

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Monday, March 1, 2010

The Sick House

That's what we are. Everyone is sick! This is totally insanely exhausting. I am barely hanging in there myself on top of having to care for my 4 kids that are sick and my husband.

I wish there was a handbook for a mom of many because I surely don't know how to keep up with all the washing of towels, cleaning of the toilet and who's bucket needs emptied. There's no tutorial on this!

I guess the good part of this is that we all got it at once and hopefully will be rid of it in a couple of days.

In a previous post I mentioned that my husband went out Friday night. Well Yes, he did and he got this done to his arm!
This date is for our Angel Baby, we had a baby boy that was born still born at 20 weeks
(creapy clown, I wish he would cover that)
The top name is mine and then all 5 kids, I have a stepson who does not live with us, I can count on 1 hand how many times we have seen him since we have been together
(the circular shape in the middle is a cover up, there was a small mickey mouse there)
I told him it looks funny up top with his son's birthdate and my name. In 1994 I was only 13, lol! My sister said "You have been with Chris since 1994?"

I am hopefylly going to clean and sanitize the bathroom one last time this evening.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ruby Tuesdays Buy One Get One Free

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It is highly rare that we eat out but when we do I don't go without a coupon in hand. Chris and I just might have a midweek date this week!


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