Saturday, February 27, 2010

Pageant Day

Today started and ended on a really bad foot!

I woke up to my son having wrote all over himself with black dry erase marker from my other sons book bag and my husband had to work.

My mom dropped off Cameron's dress shirt, as I do not iron so she took it home with her earlier in the week. After she left I went to ShopRite to get some of the good deals they had going on. I should have taken more time and actually written down my strategy. In my mind I was thinking I need to spend $100 to use my $10 off $100 coupon that expires today. I had a stack of coupons and felt confident when I went to the register. I got a crap load of stuff and I was $20 away from $100. she was putting in my coupons my total was going lower and lower and I was kicking myself. I thought about being THAT person and tell the cashier hold on I forgot...but I didn't I sucked it up and took the loss. I ended up spending $40.xx not bad for all the stockpiling of Apple Juice, Ragu, Chocolate syrup, Garlic breadsticks, ice cream and gogurts!

When I got back I was pissed! Chris doesn't even ask to help bring in the groceries, he is sitting on the couch holding Macy. I bring 3 loads of groceries in the house and start putting it all away. When I was done, I sat at the dining table ready to go through the sale papers for tomorrow and I glanced over at my netbook and I don't see the orange charging light. Hmmm I'll look at that when I am done, I say to myself. I then go to the desktop computer in the kitchen to see what coupons I haven't printed on and I CAN'T get on the internet. Agghhh, apparently one of the kids turned off the light switch that controls the wireless box. So that answered my question about the charging light on my battery.

We rested until about 4:30 and then I started getting Macy and Cameron dressed for the Pageant. They looked adorable! Although we are on the fence about going further on to States.
Macy and I are in the middle (my wonderful husband isn't that great with taking pictures)

We treated the kids to McDonalds which is extremely rare. When we got home and were situated Cameron started throwing up. Ick! Right when we were about to sit down and eat. I'm not sure what is wrong with him, he doesn't have a fever and he didn't have any sick symptoms before we left. Chris made a bed for him on the floor next to him on the couch. Hopefully he is done throwing up.
Cameron must have scared off his competition as he was the only boy for the 2 to 3 yr old category. He won it all Best Attire, Prettiest Smile, Prettiest Hair, Prettiest Eyes, Best Personality and he was the King! Hey a win is a win, right?
Macy competed against 2 other little girls. She walked away with Prettiest Hair, Best Personality and 2nd Runner Up.

This post is really long so I am going to stop now. I will write about what my husband went out and did Friday night maybe tomorrow if we aren't too busy.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Woot! Woot!


Look what I won!

Lindsey over at The Cottage Home has a great blog about all things domestic! I love her Blog and look forward to her blog postings! She has lots of inspiring ideas.

Summer Vacation What's That?

I'm starting to think my kids won't have much of a Summer Vacation with all of these missed days because of the snow. Today they are having another, it should actually be called a too much wind day. The snow isn't too much of an issue but the wind is fierce!

I was a bit upset that my day has been ruined, but that's ok. I plan on getting some sewing in today. My neice is here and she keeps the boys pretty much occupied. They love their Tat!

I didn't do much yesterday, I watched the Big boy again for half the day and then I got some sewing in when the little ones took an afternoon nap.

This is what I made

The dress was made from a shirt that no longer fits my older daughter and the legwarmers are made from ladies knee high socks.

I was also able to hemm my sons pants for the Pageant tomorrow. He is going to look so dapper! Now if only I could find a cute dress for Macy. I have been to several stores and everything seems so blah. I have one dress in mind but I really don't feel like driving to go and get it.

I have a sink full of dishes, clothes to put away, rugs to vaccuum, diapers to put away, kids to bathe and entertain. But first I must go stalk here.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Snow Again?

Oh My! There is snow in the forecast, I am going to SCREAM if these kids don't have school tomorrow.

I have sewing on my mind and I would love to get some done tomorrow. Nothing major or creative just hemming pants for Cameron and making a couple jean skirts for Malaina. I've had these jeans piled up on my dresser for weeks and this really needs to get done.

I watched the Big boy again today. It was a bit smoother, for some reason he slept much longer today. Macy and Big boy played wonderfully together, accept for the one time Macy insisted on taking the teether he had.

So it looks like I will be watching him more often and his big sister. I'm really not all that excited about this. I feel a bit pushed into it by my husband. I love kids and don't totally mind watching them but I just don't like the feeling of knowing I am stuck at home. The extra money will be nice, I can finally order some cloth diapers I had my eye on.

What did I accomplish today? I washed every single dish in the sink, all the clothes, went through Anthoney and Cameron's closet and pulled out clothes that won't fit either of them and I finally hung the curtain by the dining table in the living/family room. I did alot considering at one point I had 5 kids needing my attention. I am happy I went through the clothes because now I see that Anthoney needs new clothes, Gymboree and Osh Kosh here I come!!

No pictures tonight maybe tomorrow

Weis Trip

Last night I had to make a trip to get milk, typically I like to go in the morning but that wasn't happening with 2 6 month olds and a 2 year old.
The savvy saver I am I have been piling up all my coupons and mail on the dining table and I remembered I had a $10 off $50 and a coupon for free Weis Diapers. I have also been saving a bunch of FREE product coupons from becoming a fan of companies on facebook and other various websites in a plastic bag. I grabbed all my coupons and I was off.

My total before swiping my Weis card and giving my coupons was $ 96.95, after Weis card savings $52.55 and after coupons $17.60! WOOOHOOO, I have my coupon mojo back!

I wish it wasn't so late when I got back, I wanted to take a picture of everything I got.

Lets see if I can remember it all
2 Purex Laundry detergents
1 small steps toilet paper
1 pack of fiber one yogurt
1 pack of jello mousse
1 Jumbo Weis diapers
1 Jumbo Pull Ups
4 12 packs of diet coke
2 2 ltr bottles of diet coke
1 50 ct excedrin
1 gallon milk
1 half gallon chocolate milk
1 box of mini muffins
1 10 lb bag potatoes
2 fast fixin dino nuggets

I am pretty sure that all of it, that's alot of stuff!

Now if only the babies would nap so I can check out this 4 day price break sale at ShopRite and we'll be all set for this upcoming snow!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I couldn't survive twins!


Today was hectic! As I mentioned yesterday I was watching a little boy, 6 months old. Same age as Macy, she is actually a couple days older. Let me tell you this boy is HUGE or my girl is tiny. No he is HUGE, has to be atleast 30 lbs and 27-28 inches long. I was going to take a picture of them side by side but I know how they feel about having a big baby. My boys are big for their ages and it drives me crazy when people point it out.

I don't mind so much watching other people kids, I am even licensed but now I know why I don't want to continue to be. Trying to figure out what someone elses baby likes and dislikes it exhausting. I like helping people out for a day here and there so I am going to watch him again tomorrow.

I am hoping all the nice things I do for others, somewhere down the road someone will return the favor.

Around 1:30 today I got them to sleep at the same time so I got online and relaxed for a bit. I came acoss a CVS deal I could not pass up. Huggies refill wipes, 184 count are ringing up $2.50. So finally I could put my CVS mailer coupons to good use!
I got 6 bags of refill wipes $15.00, 2 liter diet coke $1.34 and CVS brand wipes $2.99. I had a $5 off $15 CVS coupon, $3.00 off CVS brand coupon, Free 2 Liter CVS coupon took off $1.99 and a $.50 off Huggies Wipes. Total out of pocket was a whopping $9.41!

So much for buying the wipe warmer for my cloth wipes. I was trying to go through all the wipes I got a few months ago at Target but now with this deal, I won't need any for a couple more months.

Monday, February 22, 2010

It's Monday!

I was so glad to have my 2 older kids in school this morning. I can't say I accomplished much but I enjoyed the peace and quiet. Cameron enjoyed it also!

I was on the computer a bit trying to make a menu for this week, so far I have Swiss Chicken Casserole, chicken fajitas and meatloaf. Yea I didn't put too much thought into this, lol!

I was finally able to straighten up Macy's stuff. Now I have a huge bin of clothes I need to decide if I want to sell or just give away. I like consigning but it is so time consuming but I am leaning more towards it.

This is Macy's area after it has been cleaned up.

Her "nicer" clothes are hanging in a closet. One would think the labels would be helpful for my husband and older daugter but NO, they still come to me and say where is... Very annoying!

In the mail today I got The Woombie I ordered last week. I washed it and it was ready just in time for Macy's afternoon nap.
She might have slept 20 minutes longer than usual, but she also wasn't in her swing where she sleeps a majority of the time. So that was a plus. My goal for buying The Woombie is to get her into the crib to sleep all the time.

I am writing this post a bit early today because I have to wake up early tomorrow. I am watching a little boys, 6 months old. His parents are suppose to be coming over this evening to go over his schedule. I am sure tomorrow willl be very interesting!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Easy like Sunday Morning


Today we took it easy!

We celebrated Macy's Half Birthday. You may be thinking what, why celebrate that? Well really it's was just another reason to make a cake, lol! Woooo and let me tell you this cake was a pain in my butt to make. Chris and I were lucky enough to be able to go out last night and I had already planned to make this cake so I prepped before we left. When we got back it was getting late but I had my mind set on finishing most of it before bed. I was tired and frustrated, my poor husband kept asking if there was anything he could do. I said "YAY, next time tell me to buy a cake" LOL! It was so cute when he was concerned about what I was doing. Ahh I love him so!

Today was also the first day she had cereal from a spoon.
I think she liked it!

Chris and I took a few pictures of her.

This one is my favorite

My mother took me to the Commissary to get meat. I haven't been too frugal when it comes to the groceries lately. I am spending on average $120 a week. I plan to get back on track in March.

Chris and I bought the kids Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games
last night. Today we had several tournaments. This is really a fun family games, especially if your kids are enjoy watching the Winter Olympics.

I have a running list of goals so I plan on tackling a few tomorrow. School is FINALLY back to normal!