Saturday, February 7, 2009

Taking a break

I have actually felt ill looking at the circulars and being online so I haven't been up to staying frugal. Chris bought me a cute little Acer laptop so I can lay in bed/couch and keep up with great money saving tips but still I just can't stomach the screen. So please bare with me for the next few weeks as my morning sickness typically passes right at 12 weeks.

I did see that there are 4 inserts in this weekends papers, it's worth buying more than one. Remember buy in even numbers, for example if it is a buy one get one sale you would need 2 coupons from 2 inserts, so to do the deal twice you would need to buy 4 papers.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Grrrr..Shelf Clearers!!

Ok, so I haven't been to CVS since the 16th of January because I haven't been feeling well and haven't seen any must have items. Well today I had all intentions to get up early like I do most Sunday's and go do my weekly shopping. I didn't get out until a bit after 10am. I made up my scenarios before I left even did a just in case scenario. I really just needed Huggies nightime diapers and Pull Ups and I wanted to get the Revitalift for my mom as I am proud I don't need it quite yet. So really the only items I was in search of was the Revitalift for $5.99 and it was all gone!! I know CVS in general doesn't stock to well. I asked the cashier and she said they had several and to check back later in the week. Why must people take all that is on the shelf, seriously I know there are limits but why be greedy! OK, I am getting down from my soap box now...

On a good note, I went to Weis and got 8 boxes of Stickers fruit snacks for $0.00 and walked away with 2 $2.50 on your next order...and yes there were still more boxes left :)
They are on sale for 4 for $4 and there is a catalina promotion when you buy 4 you get $2.50 catalina.

There is a $.50 off coupon in the paper today which doubled to $1.00 and between my papers and my mom's I had 8 coupons.

Month in Review

I started out really good on the grocery budget, keeping on budget and keeping track of spending but with morning sickness kicking in I lost track and Chris had to go to the store a few times. Needless to say he never gave me any receipts, although I don't think we went over $300.00 we surpassed $250.00, so I am going to take our budget back to $300.00 for the month of February.
We saved approximately $245.00, Chris will not use coupons so I highly doubt he had much savings when he went.

Spent $39.24
Saved $471.07

Spent $77.34
Saved $307.55