Friday, October 3, 2008

2nd attempt to get Iron Man FAILED!!

I give up! Customer Service said that when I went to go buy the dvd it would ring up $9.99 but to no avail it didn't, so it screwed up my transactions. DH and the boys were waiting in the van, luckily the boys were sleeping. This trip took me a good 45 minutes because the cashier's misplaced my bag. The cashier put my items aside while I let her ring up another customer and she actually gave the bag to them!!! So she ran around the store trying to locate what I had purchased.

Transaction 1

1 Gillette Fusion gift pack $9.99

2 Colgate Max Fresh Toothpaste $5.98

Used $8 in coupons and 2 ECB

OOP $6.75

Earned $9 ECB

Transaction 2

1 bag of hershey monster mix $3.50

4 Colgate Max Fresh Tooth brushes $11.96

1 Febreze Noticeable $6.99

Used $10.00 in coupons and $9 ECB

OOP $4.08

Earned $8 ECB

More OOP that I had in mind but it was free money anyway, lol! We took the kids to McDonalds today and my mom paid me back $10!

*I am working on a scenario for the Eucerin Red products. I found a couple of products on the clearance shelf, I would like to use my $7.50 off the serum and lotion, but the lotion wasn't on clearance and it is $14.99. I'll have to recheck other IP.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sunday 10/5 Coupon Preview

Food Lion Trip

The Glade Plug In and Catalina's are still working. I used 2 BOGO because they only had 4 left and used the $8.00 Catalina's on your next purchase for 2 Voila Meals, bag of onions, bag of potatoes and 1 can of kidney beans. Of course I used several coupons in addition to the cats and I got back .76!
I have 5 more BOGO for the Glade Plug Ins so I better start planning my trip to another Food Lion soon because the buzz is that this may be over Saturday.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

October Grocery Challenge

I am challenging myself to only spend $300 this month for groceries. I will post to the right under Grocery Challenge $300 every time I purchase food.

Today I got
3 Bag N Season's $3.00
2 4 pk of Hunts pudding $2.00
2 Banquet Sausage $2.00
2 Chex mix $2.00
1 Chuckie Cheese String Cheese $3.99
Used 3 Manufacture Coupons -1.75
Total OOP 11.24
(I could have done without the string cheese but Anthoney loves it)
*Receipt doesn't say how much I saved but it had to be atleast $6.00

Food Lion
2 Turkey Hill Party Cake Ice Cream $6.00
1 pack of corn tortilla's $1.89
6 Yoplait Yogurt $4.26
Used 2 Manufacture Coupons $1.40
Total OOP $9.49
*Saved $7.04


Went to CVS after picking Chris up from work tonight. My sole reason for going was to get the Iron Man dvd for Anthoney for his birthday. WELL...yesterday I bought 20 bottles of Dawn without thinking I needed 21 to get the $10 off the dvd. So today I purchased one bottle of dawn .99 and used a .20 off coupon and had the cashier ring up the dvd. The dvd was not showing as $9.99 so once again I had to deal with this bitchy Supervisor. She said I needed to buy all 21 dawn and the dvd in one transaction to get the $10 off. I read the ad over an over to see if she was right and it doesn't specifically say that. I told her never mind with the movie and just got the dawn. She really pissed me off so I got confused and used the wrong card and got 6 Maxfresh for $2.99 each and used my $3/$15 CVS coupon 5 ECB, .50 Summer spending ECB and 6.00 off Maxfresh. (FYI the deal states 3 per household but I got 6 and now it says my limit is reached.) I ended up paying $4.86 out of pocket for the maxfresh and dawn and earned 12 ECB's which I was going to use to buy another Fusion razor but it looks like now I will have to rework my transactions so I can get the dvd.

****I called Customore Service and I was right about the $20 can be stretched through the week and supposedly I will be ok when I go back in****

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

CVS Trip this evening!!

Went out tonight with the kids and Chris and it was horrible. I went in with 10 Dawn coupons that expire today. I picked up 20 Dawn, 1 pack of 4 AA batteried clearanced to $2.89, 1 CoverGirl liquid foundation and 1 CoverGirl Concealer.

The first transaction was the CoverGirl to get the $5.79 ECB's, OOP was $5.xx with the coupons I used. The cashier couldn't figure out how to use the BOGO coupon, it kept telling her to put in the coupon amount. I told her it was the lower of the 2 but she called the manager over to do.

Second Transaction was the Dawn and the pack of batteries. I had a $4/$20 which the cashier wouldn't accept, $4 ECB's from Customer Service, $10 off Dawn with all my coupons, Thinking off the top of my head I had another $4 off but can't remember what is was from. was a cashier in training so I was very patient with her, she started getting frustrated when one of the Dawn coupons wouldn't scan and called the manager once again. Swiped my card for the $3.xx I had to pay, the manager looked at my receipt and rolled her eyes and threw it at me and said next time only 6 coupons per transaction. I was in awe and didn't feel like getting irrate with her when I had my daughter in the store with me.
I went ahead with my third transaction which was the $15 off 3M to get 5ECB's.
As I was walking out I realized I could have handed the cashier a $3/$15 when she refused my $4/$20 so of course this really pisses me off, so I go to the van and pull out all my receipts. As I am looking over them I realize I just needed to buy one more dawn to get the Iron Man DVD $10 off coupon. I need to make another trip.
I had Chris call CS and he waited on the line until someone picked up, I explained what happened and they are going to have the manager's boss contact her because she was completely wrong. Manager's have the right to limit quanities and it must be posted but she can not limit coupons!
Since this put me in a crappy mood I didn't take pictures.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

New to CVSing this week?

Get started with this easy transaction and earn some ECB's!
Look at Today's coupons and clip the CoverGirl coupons for $1 off on CoverGirl Product, Buy one Cover Girl Foundation and get a complimentary Face Product.
1 CoverGirl Foundation (Liquid) and pick out any face product $5.49

Use Both CoverGirl Cosmetics = 1.00 Off

Your OOP will be around $5.00 depending on your taxes
Your ECB's will be $5.79 the circular states $5.49 but it is printing higher

Now you have ECB's to do your next transaction!

If you are thinking Christmas you can use that ECB and the $4 off Gilletter Power Razor in today's paper and have about $1 OOP and recieve $5 ECB's. Your options are endless!

9/28-10/04 CVS Shopping

I did my usual CVS shopping early this morning and I have to say I feel cheated. I had all 5 transaction worked out, even knew what I was going to get if they didn't have something in stock. Luckily I got everything on my list but the ECB price tags were misplaced on several items like the Colgate 360 tooth brushes, they were all mixed up so I assumed as long as it was a 360 I would be fine well I got 4 tooth brushes and 4 toothpaste and only got 4 ECB's. (2 dif. cards) I went out to the van and got in and looked over my receipt and can you believe the tooth brushes were $4.49 each, there was no way I was paying almost $20 and not getting my 4 ECB's so I returned those as well as 2 softsoaps of which I miscalculated and needed $2 more out of pocket. I can't wait until 8AM so I can call Customer Service and tell them how rude this CVS was and how my receipt specifically says amount needed for reward and the cashier insists I can only get 2 ECB no matter how many more Colgate I buy. The limit says 2, so I am thinking it is allowable, right??
Anyway...I spent $13.27 OOP and saved $122.42.
I got:
8-12 packs of coke products
1-Gillette Fusion Phantom Razor
2-Colgate Total toothpaste
2-Colgate Kids toothpaste
4-Covergirl makeups
2-bags of combos
7-softsoap hand soap
8-Dawn dishsoap(I still have about 10 of by 2 get $1 off coupons that I need to use by the 30th)
1-Ambi Exfoliator

Also something strange happened the cashier handed me back my $4/$20 and said I already gave her one and I know for a fact I only printed one from my email.