Saturday, February 20, 2010

Productive Saturday


This morning we woke up and went to the Mall. It was actually a pretty good trip. I got to shop in Gymboree without the kids bothering me, they were kept pretty occupied with Chris. I kicked myself when I got home because I already had one of the shirts.

I have been stocking up in 6-12 month Spring/Summer clothes for Macy so I really have no clue what she has because I just throw things in a container as I get them. Something told me to look through the container when we got home. Not sure if it is worth the gas to go all the way to the Mall to return a $10 shirt. I may give it to my sister who has a 4 month old.

Chris's goal was to get shoes for the kids but they started getting fidgety so we ended up with only 2 kids getting shoes, one of which doesn't walk! Crib shoes are cute but in my opinion not worth the money but Chris insisted.

We did get our free pretzels from Aunt Annies, I believe this promotion ended at 3pm today.

When we got home, seems like always Chris has to go somewhere so then I get left with the kids. Seriously I should start marking this on the calendar because when brought to his attention he denies it. He had to go to the Hobby store to pick up his gas powered truck, I think it was getting repaired. I have no clue about that thing.

I got Macy to take a nap so I quickly whipped up 4 tiers of cake, frosting and fondant. Macy must have sensed I was done because she woke up almost immediately.

I put Macy in my Piggy Sack and I went through her clothes, she has so many. I want her to wear everything atleast once so I am constantly routing through them.

I also had time to make these baby legwarmers

I had a comment about my diaper stash, so here it is.

1 Dreame Eze, 1 Jamtot BerryPlush with 2 inserts, 2 Thirsties AIO, 2 Sposoeasy

2 BG 3.0, 3 BG Organic AIO

10 FLIP inserts, 6 GCloth, 2 gdiapers, 3 FLIP Covers I also have 2 pkgs of disposable FLIP inserts

I had thought I reached stash nirvana but recently I am wanting to try more things, mainly all in one diapers but I am tempted to try a few pockets. My goal is to wash twice a week.

Friday, February 19, 2010



After dropping Malaina off at school we went to Wal mart to pick up a few things. After searching and searching for curtains in the green that I wanted and trying to find blinds other than white to fit our very old and wierd windows I decided on the above. Everything came from Wal mart! I can't say the blinds are my number one choice but they will do for now.

When we came back I felt like I vaccuumed all day. With Macy rolling all over the carpet I get paranoid and constantly vaccuum. With my boys anything could be on the carpet.

I finally moved the computer into the kitchen. I really like it in there, for now atleast.

Tomorrow I will be working on my next project the dining area of our living/family room. I want a vinyl decal that says Dinner Choices Take It or Leave It, but I want it in white letter so I can put it on a black wood board. It would be nice to find someone locally that made them, I hate paying shipping!

I was excited to get the mail today! I got 2 things of fluffy mail (cloth diaper mail), a bunch of grocery store coupons and what I have been waiting for CVS Grand Opening coupons! CVS just opened less than 3 miles from my house, I can't wait to get back into CVS savings!

I have a load of diapers in the dryer I need to get to before bed. I finally got my Jamtots Berry Plush from I tried it on Macy and she has a short rise and I have to say I am a bit disappointed in the fit. It looks like a bikini on her. We'll give it a try though.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Totally Exhausted!


This morning after dropping Malaina off at school we went to Chuck E Cheese to meet up with a friend and her kids. The boys had a blast as always!


When it was time to leave the boys didn't give me a hard time but I gave Cameron a little freedom and let him walk out by himself and that wasn't such a good idea. He went running down the sidewalk, grrrrr I stood there and gave him the you are in big trouble face and he came walking back.

Macy looked like such a big girl today. It's hard to believe she was only 4 lbs when she was born almost 6 months ago.

One would think Chuck E Cheese would tire out a 2 and 4 year old but nope, not my boys. They just kept going, going and they are still going. 8 o'clock can't come fast enough!

I didn't get much cleaning done today, I did however go through some of Macy's clothes. I think she is finally out of 0-3 month stuff. I did some shopping online for the kids Spring Clothes. The Children's Place has Windbreakers for $10 with a 15% off code, making them only $8.50 each. I can't beat this price when I have 4 kids that will need Spring coats.

I am toying with the idea of entering my kids into a beauty pageant coming up next weekend. Really I only want to enter Macy and Cameron but Malaina really wants to do it too. I am torn, I may not enter Cameron at all but he is such a ham he would love it.

My goals for tomorrow are to finally go through the boys toys and go in my daughters room and go through her clothes. I also need to put the computer in the kitchen. I think I want to find a nice rug of some sort to put under the desk to cozy up the computer area a bit, we'll see if I can make it to Target or Wal-mart to get one.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Catch up Day


I started out the day dedicated to catching up on housework. One thing I needed to tackle was the laundry. As each load got done drying it landed in Macy's crib. And yep it's still sitting in there, lol! I thought a trip to Target was going to be more fun.


When I came back I did a load of diapers and folded them up nice.


The rest of the day was pretty boring. I did however go through our chest freezer to scope out what we have left. What I found is pretty much nothing. We had breaded chicken filets, pork chops, some frozen veggies, french fries and lots of pizza. I wrote down a few meals to take us through Friday, but I better get my butt in gear and actually menu plan so I can go to the grocery store Saturday!

Tomorrow we are getting out of the house to go to a much needed playdate.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Survived another snow day

Yep, I sure did! I even had my niece for the day.

This morning I had to bundle all the kids up to go to the post office just to get stamps, they needed to get out anyway and it gave me a chance to make sure the new seating arrangement in the van was going to work. Boys in the back and girls in the middle.

A couple of highlights for the day:

My daughter and niece made screen printed shirts.

They had a blast!

While they were doing that my boys were playing Giraffalaff Limbo

Now this game occupied them for all of 5 minutes and then limbo bar became a sword.

While the kids were having down time I hurried and made a bunch of pancakes and put them in plastic bags to freeze.

and I made mini Banana Muffins for one of our snack baskets in the pantry.
These were really good!

While I was in the kitchen today I noticed the baseboards and cabinets need a good cleaning so I started on that but haven't finished yet.
I still haven't gotten to the toys or menu planning. For dinner I have just been looking through the freezer above the fridge and putting random ingredients together. We need to get rid of some leftovers any way.

With all this snow the kids go to school 2 hours late so that means Anthoney doesn't have school all this week. Should be fun...

Tomorrow I have the rare opportunity to go out by myself! I am looking forward to that!

Walk it out for Wii SOLD OUT

I just purchased this game for my kids. After over a week of pretty much being stuck inside we need a game like this in our Wii collection!

Looks like a good energy release game

Monday, February 15, 2010

Not much accomplished today


I spent most of the day trying to entertain the kids and cleaning up after them. It wasn't such a bad day, don't get me wrong I had the screaming, crying and whining but not as bad as last week.

Cameron my 2 year old was really good, he played by himself and watched TV in my bedroom, maybe he is getting sick again. I hope not!

I did some rearranging, we had our dining table in the kitchen and it was getting to be a pain so I moved it back into our main room, so now I need to find a place for our desktop computer. I am thinking in the kitchen, I may work on this tomorrow.

We keep the kitchen gated off from the main room because Cameron going in there is something I just don't want to deal with. We do the same with the bathroom. I had to take the gate down to move the table and Cameron was in heaven, lol! He didn't know what to do first. He did make a mess but mainly pots and pans. I was going to leave the gate down just to see if the newness would ware off but Macy will probably be crawling in the next couple of weeks and she surely isn't going to be crawling on the kitchen floor.

My mom came over and dropped of a Wii game Anthoney has been begging to borrow and she dropped off that cute mowhawk hat she made for Macy above.

I also posted pics of our living/family room on a craft forum under the Home Decorating thread about using curtain, wood blinds or both.
I think I am leaning towards wood blinds with a sheer satin like green curtain.

On top of my list in my previous post I want to make tomorrow a freezer cooking day. I want to make pancakes and banana muffins. Wish me Luck because it's also another snow day for the kids!

$1.00 off 2 HappyBaby Products


My toddler loves the yogurt snacks and puffs, I love them because they are organic! You can get a $1.00 off 2 coupon here. Expires 3/1/10

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day


This morning I woke up to that lovely box above. It was a great start to the day. My wonderful Valentine got me 2 Pandora Bracelet Charms. This is what I usually get for a Holiday/Birthday/Surprise unless I specifically ask for something. This time he got me a frog and a bouquet of flowers. He doesn't go blindfolded into Saxons when picking these out, he has a book where I have circled what I want. So it's a pretty mindless but thoughtful gift.


My husband went and got the kids breakfast at McDonalds which was a big treat for them. It is very rare that we eat out. There really isn't a need to when I am home most days, even if it's just a frozen pizza we eat at home.

My plans for the day where to go to Toys R Us to finally take part in the Big Trade In Event, BJ's for snack foods, and then Walmart. We are slowly learning our goal of getting shopping done in one trip isn't going to happen anymore.

We made it to Toys R Us, traded in 2 carseats got our 2 25% off coupons and proceeded to look around. We should know by now we can't browse, we will never be able to shop without a plan of action again! The kids behaved up until I wanted Anthoney my 4 year old to sit in a carseat to check the belts and make sure it was a good fit. They got inpatient and fidgety so I hurried and picked them out. I was very satisfied with saving $90! I have to say I am in love with the Graco Nautilus 3 in 1, I just wish I didn't have to get a convertible for Macy once she is out of the infant carrier. I would love to go straight to this but that isn't happening. In the next few weeks she will be getting the Graco My Ride from Wal Mart. They have a really pretty purple one I want to get.

When we left Toys R Us I quickly decided we were only going to Wal Mart which then switched to OH NO we are going home! Macy started screaming, so I had to sit awkwardly to feed her a bottle and she still continued to scream. Chris had to pull over so I could comfort her and make sure she was ok. After about 15 minutes we were on the road again and I knew we better go to Wal Mart just incase it snows again. We needed to replenish our snack food and get milk. We ened up spending way more than I would have liked. The kids tend to fluster my mind and I forget I have certain coupons.

We made it home after an exhausting afternoon and we enjoyed the rest of our Sunday together.

I have a few goals for this coming week. I would like to go through our pantry/freezers/fridge and finally get back to menu planning. My life is so much easier when I do this. I have plans to go through my kids toys and get rid of and give away what I know they aren't playing with. I want to go to Target and pick up blinds for the living/family room. I need to borrow a ladder from my parents so I can get in the attic and get down the kids Spring/Summer clothes. I need to go through them as I have hopes of making time to consign at an upcoming consignment sale.

This will be interesting to see what I actually get done this week. I plan on sharing some pictures of my home as I decorate each room, so stay tuned!