Thursday, October 9, 2008

Glade Scented Oil Warmer Money Maker at Food Lion

When you buy each oil warmer $4.49-$4.79 you get $4 on your next order Catalina!! Those of you who have the buy one get one free have a money maker! I could be wrong but this promotion will run through this month into the first week of November.

Scenario's for 10/12-10/18

Newbie transaction:

Buy 1 Colgate Total Advance Whitening for $3.49 use $1.50 Internet Printable coupon here and earn 2 Extra Care Bucks.

My scenario for this week:

1 Colgate Total Advance Whitening $3.49

1 Swiffer Sweeper $7.99

1 Swiffer duster (unsure of price but I am sure it will take me over $10 to get my ECB's)

1 Pure life water $4.49


12 ECB's

1 buy one Swiffer Sweeper and get Swiffer duster free

1 $1.50 off Colgate

1 $1.00 off Pure life water

Total Out of Pocket $2.41


ECB's Left to spend 28

I may go out to try and get the BIC razor this evening is so my OOP will be less for this transaction.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Walmart Trip

Just came back from Wal Mart and had to share my finds!!

I got the Mega Pack Men's Gillette for $1, 3 bags of Valley Fresh Steamers for .81, 2 boxes of Toaster Strudels for 2.24!!

The $4 off coupon I used was recently in the Sunday paper inserts, I printed 2 $1 Valley Fresh Steamers from as well as the 2 $1 off Toaster Strudels.

I got a toaster also for $6.33, I have refused to have one in my house ever since my son put chocolate candy in our last one and almost caught the house on fire. This was a treat for my daughter who loves blueberry toaster strudels!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Blog Makeover Giveaway!!

Alana Jo is giving away a blog makeover, check her out Blog Makeover!

I am so excited!! My fleece soakers were reviewed by Green Baby Giggles, you can find her here !

I also make reusable unplastic sandwich wraps/bags and snack baggies. My mother makes the knitted hats, sweaters and dresses.

Go check it out!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

DOUBLE Coupons at KMart

Hmmmm....not impressed at all and I wasted my gas and time! I can't say everything was picked through because it wasn't. I guess I am use to Wal Mart prices and I didn't see much of anything worth wasting my coupons on.
3 Vaseline Lotions 2.99 Each
coupon 3 2.00 off doubled only to 2.99
5 Glade Candle Holders 2.99 Each
Coupon 5 2.00 off doubled to only 2.99
2 Glade Candles 2.99 Each
Coupon 2 1.00 off doubled to 2.00
1 Colgate Advance Clean 2.50 Each
Coupon 1.50 off doubled to only 2.50
Total OOP 4.59

CVS Trip this morning

With all 3 kids plus my neice and husband we left the house at 7:30 am. This trip was by far my best out of pocket!
Transaction 1
1 4 pack AA Energizer Batteries 2.99
1 2 pack C Energizer Batteries 2.99
2 Lady Speedstick 3.98
1 Gillett Shampoo 4.99
1 Dove Soap .99
1 Lady Speedstick
2 Energizer Batteries
2 Gillett
Subtotal -.06
Total OOP .24
Earned 3 ECB
Transaction 2
1 Breze II Meter 14.99
Total OOP 0.00
Earned 10 ECB
Transaction 3
1 Eucerin Serum 7.49 Clearance from 14.99
1 Eucerin Moisturizer 12.99 sale from 14.99
10 ECB
7.50 Eucerin
Subtotal -.02
Total OOP .43
Earned 12 ECB
Transaction 4
1 Children's Motril 5.99
1 Children's Tylenol 6.00
2 Children's Sudafed PE 10.78
1 Scoobi stickers .49
12 ECB
3.00 Sudafed PE
2.00 Tylenol
Total OOP .26
Earned 10 ECB
Total OOP .93
Saved 136.28
When I went into CVS I had 20 ECB to use and I left with 22 ECB. I didnt' even touch my one 12 ECB!! There isn't anything else I need or want this week so this should be my only trip.