Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Walgreen 4 day sale 12/3-12/6

I wasn't sure this was in all areas so I popped in my local Walgreens this morning and sure enough the sales paper was out.
You can see the ad on
The highlight of the sale is spend $25 get $5 Register Rewards, this can be before coupons and store discounts.

This is what I did 3 Excedrin gel caps 40ct, 2 Ultra Clean Reach Floss, 1 Colgate 6 oz Maxfresh and 3 mini holiday tins.
2- $2 off Excedrin
1- Walgreens in ad coupon 3 tins for $1
Total Out of Pocket $21.59

I earned Register Rewards:
$8 for the Excedrin
$2 for the Colgate MaxFresh
$6 for the Ultra Clean Floss
$5 for spending $25
$21 in Register Rewards!!!

Since I had planned a trip to the grocery store to pick up a couple things I decided to just get them at Walgreens.
So I got:
4 Bags of Holiday Hershey Kisses
6 Mini tins
2 Bags of Combos
1 Mondos drinks
2 Half gallons of milk
2 Banquet sausages
1-$1.50 off Hershey kisses when you buy 3
1- Walgreens in ad coupon 3 tins for $1
$21.00 in Register Rewards
Total Out of Pocket $.52

I could have worked this better and got more items that printed Register Rewards but I got what I needed and saved $37.25 and spent $22.11. If I went to the grocery store as planned I know I would have spent more out of pocket.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Mars Supermarket 12 for $12 sale!! 12/3-12/9

You can see the ad here

What I will be going for:
Gwaltney Chicken hotdogs
Banquet Brown & Serve Sausage
Betty Crocker Potatoes
Chef Boyardee Pasta with meat
McCormick bag n season
Oscar Mayer Lunchables
Bisquick Pancake mix
3 Pack Ivory Soap
Marcal Paper Towels
Utz Potato chips
Chex mix or Bugles

Other great deals
Keebler Townhouse Crackers 2/$5
(Have you tries FLIPS, cracker on oneside and pretzel on the other? They sounded nasty but my sister brough them over and they were delicious)

Best Buy Deals
Spend $10 or more and get
Hunts Manwich $.89
Nestle Toll house Morsels $1.39
Crisco Oil $2.79
Cerando Deli Slices $1.99
Libbys Pineapple $.79
Limit 2 of each

Macy's Friends and Family Discount

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Macy's has been having really good sales lately and this coupon makes them even sweeter.

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Monday, December 1, 2008

MEGA Cyber Monday Sale

Savvy Saving Momma: MEGA Cyber Monday Sale


Newly stocked coupons


Click on the link to the right to print your coupons!

November in Review

Spent $41.04 (I returned 2 kids toothpaste so I started at -.90)
Saved $916.93

Groceries (Food Only)
Spent $296.38
Saved $270.84 with coupons and store savings

I did Awesome at CVS this month! I still really need to work on my food savings, I would love to see my budget at $250.00.

I have so far stayed well below my $100.00 Christmas challenge, I think I have spent less then $30 on gifts for others. I'll have to pull my receipts to double check.

Walgreens $5/$25 Scenario

Savvy Saving Momma: Walgreens $5/$25 Scenario

There was some question as to if this would work and I am happy to say YES it did!!
They were out of All Free & Clear so I got a rain check and they were out of the Holiday Pencils. I substituted with stocking stuffers for the kids.
I paid $3.56 out of pocket and saved well over $30!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Walgreens $5/$25 Scenario

This is what I have planned for tomorrow:
2 All Free & Clear Detergent $3.58
2 Arm & Hammer Detergent $7.00
2 TuF Paper Towels $1.00
2 Bags of Combos $1.98 (Malaina's favorite snack)
6 Holiday Pencils $1.00 (collecting for Malaina's class)
6 Gift Bags $6.00 (Need to put together for teachers and Chris's Co workers)
1 White tissue paper $2.00 (May get colored, same price different paper amount)
2 Ribbon & small bows $2.00 (Using these to decorate my cookie exchange bags)
1 Box of Joybrite Candy Canes $.99 (For our tree)
2 Gift Boxes (square or shirt) $1.00
1 Wrigleys gum $.59
Subtotal $27.14 $28.76 with tax
-$2.00 Arm & Hammer Manufacturer Coupons $26.76
-$5/$25 Walgreens Coupon $21.76
-$18.00 Register Rewards
$3.76 Out of pocket
My math may be off when it comes to the tax

I thought about getting a MIR or another Register Rewards item but I am getting things I need and would normally pay out of pocket for.

Walgreens $5/$25

Walgreens has a printable coupon good 12/1-12/2. You can print the coupon by clicking the link to the right!
Happy Shopping!

MEGA Cyber Monday Sale


Everything on sale with FREE Shipping!

The first 2 orders will recieve a free unplastic sandwich wrap/bag or snack bag of your choice! No minimum order required

All orders before Noon EST 12/1/2008 will be entered into a drawing for 1 free custom fleece Longie or Skirtie!


Walgreens Trip

I hit 3 Walgreens this morning and got
10 Ultra Clean toothbrushes
2 Ultra Clean Floss
2 Dawn dish soap
6 All Free & Clear
6 Tuf paper towels
1 9v Duracell battery
6 Christmas pencils
3 bags of combos
2 Sugar free 25 ct Halls
I spent $24.64 Out of pocket
I got $36.00 in register rewards from the Ultra Clean products
I saved $68.90 and still have $18.00 in register rewards to spend