Saturday, March 13, 2010

Boring Rainy Day

Woke up this morning to it pouring down rain outside. Chris had to work from 9am-1pm and I did not feel like being stuck inside so we ventured out.

I took all 4 kids to the Post Office, Dollar Store (great place to go to get the kids cheap activities for a rainy day, plus it didn't bother me that they wanted everything), Target and Walmart. Towards the end the older 2 started acting up. They love walking away and doing there own thing, no matter how much I yell at them and tell them they need to stay by the cart they just will not listen.

When we got back home we got soaken wet running inside, Cameron wanted to take his sweet 'ol time.

The rest of the day I have been organizing my craft supplies. I tried freezer paper stenciling words on a scrap piece of fabric, it just isn't working out right. This is something I need to do when the kids aren't hovering. I also decided to make Anthoney's St. Patrick's Day gifts for his friends at school. He only has 4 classmates so I try to take advantage of this and make them a little something.

This is what I made, it's a pot of gold! I used a small terra cotta pots, painted them black. Placed green easter grass in the bottom with 4 gold wrapped reeses cups.

I got more fluffy mail today! I was so excited to get 6 Bum Genius AIO diapers, I have been using cloth since Cameron was 6 months old and I have never tried these. I'm going to have to take another picture of my cloth diaper stash as it has grown quite a bit since the last picture.

I have beans and smoke sausages in the oven for dinner, something good but nice and filling on this cold rainy day.

After dinner I plan on making my grocery list for my trip to ShopRite tomorrow. I think I saw a few things in the sales ad I wanted to get.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

It's been CRAZY!!


I have been so busy I haven't been able to blog. Sorry to all my faithful readers! Sometimes blogging is the highlight of my day. I enjoy sharing my crazy family.

Yesterday Macy had her 6 month well child check up, it's a bit late but life happens and we had to reschedule 2 times. She is still my little peanut weighing in at 16 lbs and is 25 inches long. She got a couple of shots so she has been cranky and her leg I can tell is sore. Two shots she has yet to get is the Hep. B and Hib, not really by choice, the pediatrician has been out since she was born and the hospital never gave her the Hep. B. When she went in for her first pediatrician visit the nurse gave her the Hep. A shot on accident, the pediatrician says it won't affect her in anyway. Here's to hoping!

My mom came over and watched Cameron and the Big boy, while I took Macy to her appointment.
She made this adorable ring toy
She's so talented!!

I was thinking of entering this contest over at Ruffles and Stuff.
Since St. Patrick's Day is coming I wanted to make Malaina something special to wear so I came up with this but I just don't think I can compete with some of the entries. The dress looks great on her but it is missing something up top, I was thinking of putting a saying but kind of generic so she can wear it all the time. I'm open to opinions! I'm willing to try freezer paper stenciling again but again I have no clue what type of design to put up there.

We added to our family yesterday! We got a dog and it has been CRAZY! It's alot to get use to. Today was his first full day here and he seems to be adjusting. He has taken a liking to me and he has enjoyed playing with the kids.

Today was an awesome fluffy mail day! I ordered Katydid Cloth diapers from Babyhalf off on Saturday, one of each color. They look gorgeous and are currently being prepped so we can try them out tomorrow.

Tomorrow I am watching Big Boy again, had today off which I HIGHLY needed! He was a handful yesterday. I called Chris several times at work and warned him about my bad mood for when he got home. Seriously I would go insane if any of my kids cried as much as he did. I have to say I have been pretty lucky but I do have some whiners which iguess is pretty much the same as crying, lol!

I would love to get some sewing in before Grey's Anatomy comes up which means I need to get off here and wash the dishes!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Unexpected Phone Call

I had a great day planned today but it all got derailed when the phone rang this morning at 5:30am. Big Boys mom needed me to watch him and his sister. Being the Yes person I am I said ok. Got up almost immediately because I had a sink filled with dirty dishes, basket full of dirty clothes and clothes to get out for the kids. I knew none of this would get done without me being highly irritated if I didn't do it right then. My hopes of getting a shower went out the window with that phone call aswell, lol!

So far so good. All the kids are behaving if, I can get passed the morning snack popcorn mess because they are now sitting quietly coloring. The babies are napping and I get to have some computer time!

It doesn't look like any grocery stores around me are having any sales where I would want to stock up so no trip needed until this weekend, more than likely Sunday.

I was up a bit late last night working on 2 dresses for Malaina.
I tried freezer paper stenciling, which is using freezer paper to cut out a stencil. You can then adhere the freezer paper to fabric by ironing it, and then using fabric paint. I learned a few things from this. This is a great idea, don't use fabric spray paint (came out goopy not in a spray affect I was looking for), drying can take more than 4 hours unlike what they paint bottle says and don't try doing such an intricate stencil first. I seem to alway dive right in without really thinking. Anyhow Malaina likes them and that's what matters.

Freezer paper on the dress
Painted, got a tad bit of over spray near the neckline and shoulder
Here is the other dress I made from scrap knit fabric I had
And on her, perfect fit!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Graco MyRide $129.00 and $.97 shipping


When I was in Walmart this morning I noticed the Graco MyRide was $129.00, I didn't like the black/gray so when I came home I looked online and sure enough it was on sale and in this pretty purple. I immediately called Chris and told him, we don't plan on taking Macy out of the bucket carseat until it is a bit warmer out so I wanted to check with him to make sure he didn't mind this just sitting around the house. I went ahead and ordered it, It was $137.xx shipped! I can't wait to get it!

What a weekend!

This weekend was beautiful! I chose to stay away from the computer as much as possible and spent most of my time with the my family. I also did alot more catch up work.

When we weren't outside playing I was inside sewing and going through my mountain of coupons and ads. My coupon binder sure did need some attention. I am actually excited about sitting down and going through the circulars for this weeks sales.

Over the weekend I went through and froze some fruit that was about to spoil. I think I am going to buy a blender so the kids can enjoy some smoothies. This is an excellent way to use up fruit that would have gone to waste. I also made a huge batch of blueberry muffins to last all week for snacks and breakfast and 3 pans of make ahead mashed potatoes out of a 5lb bag of potatoes that was going to waste. I completely forgot I had them, oops!

I made this for Cameron
and this for Macy
They are made out of old t-shirts and a couple new ones I found for $1-$3 at Walmart. They fit perfectly, I actually surprised myself! Although I think I will stick with making Malaina dresses because dresses are quite dresses on infants.

Today I woke up to the sun shining bright and that just started my day out great! I took the kids to school, went to Walmart to get milk which was a pain in my butt because they didn't have ANY regular registers open. They were all self check out. Grrrr I wanted to get in and out but I had to deal with several people in front of me who had no clue how to use them!

Today I am working on another dress for Malaina which involves freezer paper stenciling, I am excited to get started on it but I need to wait until nap time. I also have a sink full of dishes, all the bedding needs washed, floors vaccuumed, windows cleaned and my clothes need to be put away. WOW, seems like I didn't do anything all weekend, ha!

While I am waiting to pick Anthoney up from school I am going to browse through the circulars to see if I need to stock up on anything. I don't think I will need to go to the grocery store otherwise.

On a side note I hear Walgreens has diapers on clearnace for $2.xx!!