Saturday, September 20, 2008

Great Professional Photos of my kids...

These wonderful photos were taken by Chelle Pollard of Forest Hill, MD. You can find here on her blog here

Unplanned trip to CVS

I am still trying to master the little to nothing out of pocket but I still think I am getting some good deals!
Transaction 1
2 Large Hershey Bars 1.98
1 Purex 2.99
2 Revlon nail polish (picked up clear coat and didn't realize it was $5.99!!) 10.98
3 Johnson and Johnson Buddy Bars 3.57
$3 J&J
$4 Revlon
BOGO Revlon
OOP $5.23
Earned 2 Extra Care Bucks
Transaction 2
2 Pert Plus 2 in 1 2/$5
2 Tylenol PM 12.98
3 Johnson and Johnson Buddy Bars 3.57
$4 ECB from the other day
$2 ECB from transaction 1
$4 off Tylenol
$3 off Pert
$3 off J&J
OOP $2.55
Earned 4 Extra Care Bucks
While I was in CVS I took a peak at the Pull Ups I plan on buying this week and the sign shows $13.89, so they are being marked up to $15!! So NO now I don't feel guilty for using my coupons wisely!

Old Navy 20% Off

Take your BFF into an Old Navy store and when the cashier is ringing you up say you are with your BFF and they will give you 20% off your purchase. Anyone try this by using some random person in the store? I was going to because I was kid free for several hours today but didn't make it.

Free Marcal Paper Towels

There is a coupon in Sunday's coupon circular for a FREE paper towel. For those of you who may have several of these coupons beware of the snotty cashier who always reads the fine print!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

9/21-9/27 Scenarios

Although I love my cloth diapers and trainers I like the convenience of Pull Ups for ds while we are out of the house. I am so happy this week I can buy Pull Ups and get ECB's!!
I am thinking of these scenarios
Transaction 1
2 Packs of Pull Ups 15.00 each

Coupons I have
$3 off $15 thanks to
$4 ECB's left from today's transactions
2 $2 off coupons for Pull Ups

OOP around $19.xx

Earn $10.00 ECB

Transaction 2 is solely to trade my ECB's

1 L'Oreal Revitalift 11.99

Coupons I have
$2 off $10
$10.00 ECB

OOP .xx very little

Earn $11.99 ECB

If you are reading this and have a less out of pocket and I get 2 packs of Pull Ups and end up with $11.99 ECB's please let me know.

My best trip to date!!

I did go to CVS on Sunday the 14th and did my 3 transactions, but the cashier wouldn't let me use my $2 off $10.00 coupon, so I didn't save as much as I would have liked.
Today with 3 kids in tow I braved CVS once again with coupon folder in hand! I got a CVS card in DH's name so I could get more Purex. I saved $93.xx and got some stocking stuffers out of the way. I spent $23.xx!
Transaction 1
2 Hershey Almond Bars 1.98
1 Aleve Cold and Sinus 3.99
1 Excedrin 3.99
-2.00 2/$10 CVS coupon
OOP 7.96
Earned 7.99 ECB
Transaction 2
4 Garnier Products 16.26
1 Trial size aquafresh 1.49
1 CVS 4 AA Batteries 3.79
2 2ct Schick disposables 1.98
-2/10 CVS Coupon
-6.99 ECB's
-5.00 in Garnier Coupons
-1.49 aquafresh
-1.98 Schick
OOP 6.94
Earned 5.99 ECB
Transaction 3
3 Covergirl Wetslicks 11.97
6 Revlon nail polish 29.94 after BOGO 14.97
-2/10 CVS Coupon
-5.99 ECB
-1.00 ECB
-12.00 Revlon Coupons
-BOGO Covergirl Wetslick
-1.00 Covergirl
OOP 3.21
Earned 5.00 ECB
Transaction 4
4 Purex 11.96
-2.00 purex coupon
-5.00 ECB
OOP 5.38
Earned 4.00 ECB