Saturday, July 11, 2009

Fun filled FREE family Saturday Morning

Chris's vacation starts today so we kicked it off with a few family events that were all FREE!!
Yep all FREE!

We started at Lowes were we helped the kids build treasure chest

after we stopped at Michaels Craft Store and the kids decorated tote bags

and then we stopped at 7 Eleven to get a 7.11 oz slurpee

The next Lowes Build and Grow Clinic is the 25th where they will make a helicopter, you can go to The website stated the recommended grade was 1, but they didn't say anything about my 3 yr old making one of his own, hw also looks liek he could be a first grader though, lol.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Grocery Challenge $400 a month until September

I am "suppose" to be resting as much as possible so my mother went meat shopping for us and spent $115.95.
She got us 6 pks of pork chops, 4 pks of ground beef, 2 2 pks of beef ribeye steaks, 5 pks of chicken breasts, pk of bubba burgers, pk of bacon, huge bag of frozen sausage, crab delight meat, bologna, 2 frozen pizza's, frozen broccoli and cheese, big container of yogurt, huge container of Snack party mix, oreo cookies, chocolate ice cream topping, gerber yogurt snacks, bagels, toaster strudels, 2 pks of hotdogs, frozen pretzels, box of sausage on a stick and cream cheese. She shopped at the Commissary which has awesome prices on meat.

So far for July $115.95 spent and $7.50 saved

Free Lunch Kit with the Purchase of bookbag at Toys R Us

I believe the bookbag must be between $12-$14 to get the free lunch kit. I had the kids pick out what they want online so when we go tomorrow we can get in and out without having to stand there for what would seem like hours.

School Supplies Galore!

I just took a look at CVS and Walgreens for 7/12-7/18 and I see some free after ECB's and cheap school supplies. Granted I am school suppy shopping for a preschooler and a 2nd grader I like having my own back to school supplies such as notebooks and pens around the house.

Some Free after ECB deals at CVS are as follows:

Subject Caliber 70-80 page notebooks $.99 limit 2
CVS or Caliber 12" plastic and wood rulers $.99 limit 2
CVS or Caliber school glue 5oz $.99 limit 2
Caliber or Academic scissors 5" blunt or tip $2.99 Limit 2
Papermate grip pens 8ct $.99 limit 3

Another Great Free after ECB deal at CVS Kodak Hardcover 6x8 Photobook 10 pages limit atleast 3

Cheap School Supplies at Walgreen's

Crayola Markers 10 pk $.99
Pilot Easy Touch Pens 2 or 3 pk $.99
Elmer's 2 pk GLue Stick or liquid 4 oz. $.59
12 pk Colored Pencils or Single Scented Pencil $.59
Fiskars Pointed or Blunt Scissors $.79
Penway 80 sheet Composition Notebook $.79
24 pk yellow pencils $.79
Penway 2 pk pink erasers $.29
Pencil/Crayloa or Dome Sharpners $.29

With in ad coupon
3/$1 1 Subject Notebooks 60 or 70 sheets Penway limit 6
2/$1 Filler Paper 120 or 130 sheets limit 4
Mini Highlighters $.19 limit 3
Writing tablet or Envelopes $.59 limit 3
8/$1 2 pocket Folders w/prongs limit 8
Erasers animal or skateboard $.59 limit 6
Expo Dry Erase Markers 3 or 4 pk $1.99 limit 4
3/$5 Puffs Facial Tissues limit 3

Another great deal is the OFF Clip On Mosquito Protecter
$9.99 with $3.00 Register Reward
I have a $2 off coupon from the Sunday paper making this $7.99 with $3.00 Register Reward

It looks as though the better school supply deals are at Walgreens if you want less money out of pocket but I really want the photo books for gifts later in the year.

I am going to go work on some transaction scenarios.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

I'm back!!

It's been a long time since I last posted. I am now 29 weeks along and we are having a baby GIRL!! We have a few names picked out as well as a couple of middle names but she will be called baby girl probably until the day she is born. Girls names are so hard to decide on.

I have been busy with sewing projects. For the past 2 weeks I have tried everyday to atleast cut out a pattern. I am hoping within a month I can have my fabric stash depleted so I can buy more fabric to make the boys Fall clothes. It's been tough with it being summer vacation and trying to keep 3 kids occupied but I have managed to have some time to myself after the kids are in bed. I have made fitted diapers, fleece soakers/longies and skirties, lap tees and gowns for the baby. I am also working on a night time diaper for Cameron who seems to be a super heavy wetter lately.

I have been clipping coupons weekly for the past month but mainly food and household ones. It seems like I am going to the grocery store every other day because the kids keep eating up everything in the pantry. I plan on starting back with CVS this weekend as I need to start collecting school supplies for the kids. I am going to take a peak at this weekends circular and post my scenario which I am sure will be a bit out of pocket.

It's good to be back into blogging, I have missed it so much!