Saturday, February 13, 2010

Operation Stay Out of the House

This morning I got up cleaned up the house, got all the kids dressed and we left. I made Chris drive, he hates driving our van it's just not his style but hey I did everything to get us out of the house that's the least he could do.

I had been promising Malaina we would get her some new clothes at Justice so that was on our agenda but first we had 2 stops to make. I had to drop some stuff off at my sisters house and Chris wanted to go to the Hobby store. These two stops took maybe 45 minutes. Chris and I should have known that all 4 kids weren't going to cooperate after this point but we headed to the Mall anyway. It was a disaster! I really think I handle all the kids by myself much better because I DO NO give in and Chris tends to. I won't go into detail but Malaina and I hurried to pick out some things and we left the Mall.

On the way home all the kids fell a sleep, it was so nice! When we got home we ate lunch and we dedicated the day to playing games with the kids.

We got them all nice and tired and they are all a sleep and it's only 8:30. I am going to go through the sales papers to see if I am going to go out in the monring. I did see ShopRite has the full line of Tyson Poultry 50%, I don't think I have any coupons to match with this sale but it's still worth stocking up.

Can't wait to have some much needed quality time with my husband when I am done.

Friday, February 12, 2010

We got out! We Got Out!!


Yesterday, late Afternoon I got a much needed break. All 3 of my youngest kids took a nap at the same time! It was amazing. Malaina and I were finally able to open her candy jewelry making kit. She has been bugging me all week but I just knew her brothers would want to make some which inturn would mean a big mess for me to clean up. I do not recommend this to anyone, seems like all the Jakks Pacifica stuff we buy is junk. It took entirely too long for 4 small pieces of candy. She got bored with it too fast.

Last night while I was watching Greys Anatomy and Private Practice I was finally feeling up to going through my coupons. It's so time consuming but well worth it! Just in time to get the coupons for this weekends shopping.

This morning I woke up to splattered milk all over the living room and the kids screaming about it. Ugh! I knew we just had to get out of this house today. I fed them a quick breakfast got all 4 of them dressed and ready to go in less than 45 minutes and we were out the door. I didn't have a specific place or places in mind we just needed out.

We ended up going to Weis and getting some essentials like milk and bread. I also had to correct a mistake my husband did on Sunday. I had ordered a party platter for the Super Bowl, with the coupon I had he was to only pay maybe $6.00, he came back and his reciept was $14 more. It irks me when I know I am right about something so I looked at the reciept from online when I ordered and they charged him for a medium when I ordered a small. So I did get my money back this morning. I used that to get the kids Happy Meals. WOW OH WOW was Burger King crowded I think everyone had plans to leave the house today.

TGIF!!!! Can't wait to have Chris home for the next 2 days.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Yet Another Snow Day!


Looks like the kids get off all week because of all this snow. I was joking with my dad saying I was going to drop them off in front of the school anyway. Seriously I would never do that but OH MY, it is hard to constantly entertain kids when you aren't completely prepared. Atleast during summer break you know it's coming and can plan.

Thankfully what has saved my sanity, atleast what's left of it is that we never let the kids open up all of their Christmas gifts. They opened a good amount and then I hid what wasn't opened in closets. The plan was to let them open what they wanted when they behaved but they soon forgot about them. They seem to be more occupied with video games anyway and I wasn't going to mention the gifts, they probably wouldn't even remember they already had it if I regifted it to them for upcoming Holidays and Birthdays.

While I was in the kitchen creating a masterpiece, lol they were in the living room creating a mess with playdough. I absolutely can't stand the stuff but they had a huge playset and I knew it would keep them occupied while I was busy and Macy was napping.

Yesterday I shared a few pictures of cake, fondant and frosting. Well this is what I made for my husband and kids for Valentine's Day. It's a few days early but with all this snow I don't want to be stuck in the house making a cake over the weekend.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The snow has finally stopped....for now

Yep, it has stopped. For now that is. I hear we are suppose to get a few more inches come Saturday.

My husband came home from work around 11:30, the roads were so bad he had to leave his car there and get a ride with a co worker who had 4 wheel drive. I am so glad he made it home safely. He was a great help with the kids today, as he should be right? Alot of times he is too tired from working to do much when he gets home, which yes it does aggrevate me but he doesn't have a cushy office job or even a job where he sits all day. He works on cars and is outside for a good part of the day.

Today was semi productive, I got a load of clothes and a load of diapers washed. Yep we use cloth diapers. I could talk for days about cloth diapers but I will save that for another day. I really wanted to get to my coupons but haven't yet. We are running low on a bunch of things, but then again I doubt I will even be able to leave the house any time soon. So we will have to compromise and eat some new and interesting meals.

My oldest 2 wanted to go outside, even though we told them it was too windy. Yet again it took them longer to get dressed. They weren't even out there for 10 minutes.

While they were outside my 2 year old Cameron was taking a nap and Macy my 5 month old was hanging out in her excersaucer.

It pretty much took me all day to prepare
3 batches of fondant and buttercreme frosting
2 layers of french vanilla cake and rice krispy treat

I can't wait to share what I am making!

Snowpacolypse 2010

As I sit here drinking a cup of tea to soothe my throat I am waiting for my 2 youngest to wake up so I can change diapers and prepare breakfast. I thought I would come on and post quickly.

We live on the east coast and we are getting tons of snow. We got about 2 feet of snow over the weekend, last night it looks like we got another 5 inches and snow is still falling. The news says we will end up getting another 10 inches by this evening. This is just crazy. Being stuck inside and sick to boot is enough to drive any one crazy.

Yesterday was a total disaster! Recooperating on the couch was a no go. I don't even think I sat down much. One thing that saved me was when 3 of the 4 kids went outside. That was a fete, lol. It took about 20 minutes to get everyone properly dressed. They stayed out for about a half hour which gave me time to clean up the living room and wash a load of dishes. Unfortunately we don't have a dishwasher so I do atleast 4 loads a day and even more when I bake.

As I watched my husband dig his car out once again to go to work, I thought to myself, it sure would be nice if he could stay home so I can rest up. His boss pretty much told him he had to come in or else. Seriously, I can't imagine someone needed to pick up a car in this weather. Thankfully he made it to work and was told they are leaving early.

I don't have too many expectations for today. I am hoping to finally get to my coupon binder, clip and sort my coupons. I need to make buttercreme frosting, fondant for a cake I am making and I need to keep the kids entertained until Daddy comes home.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Making changes to my blog

I have been pondering this for a while now and I have finally decided to take the leap. I will still post deals but mainly ones that I will personally do to keep my family going. I would like to focus more on my daily life as a stay at home mom and will share more of my house and family.

The main reason of the change is I need an outlet to express my emotions and trials and tribulations of the going ons in my life. I constantly hear that stay at home moms are a majority but it can't be, I can only think of a handful of people I know who are able to stay at home. So does that make us lucky? Maybe so, but we don't get alot of the luxuries, yes I will call them luxuries. No 15 minute breaks, No lunch break, no sick days, no vacation days, heck it's rare I get to use the phone.

My children and I get alot of quality time together playing games and doing crafts but we also have rough times like right now when I am sick. I can't drop my kids off at daycare or even to my parents, they are my kids and I need to suck it up and keep going. Today there will be alot of Wii playing and computer time for the kids while I am resting on the couch in hopes of feeling better for tomorrow. I will get angry when one of the kids constantly wants something in the kitchen or has to be wiped but this is my life and how my husband and I have chosen it to be for the next few years.

This is me, not complaining just sharing my life and reassuring other stay at home moms that they are not alone.

I look forward to sharing my life.