Thursday, September 18, 2008

9/21-9/27 Scenarios

Although I love my cloth diapers and trainers I like the convenience of Pull Ups for ds while we are out of the house. I am so happy this week I can buy Pull Ups and get ECB's!!
I am thinking of these scenarios
Transaction 1
2 Packs of Pull Ups 15.00 each

Coupons I have
$3 off $15 thanks to
$4 ECB's left from today's transactions
2 $2 off coupons for Pull Ups

OOP around $19.xx

Earn $10.00 ECB

Transaction 2 is solely to trade my ECB's

1 L'Oreal Revitalift 11.99

Coupons I have
$2 off $10
$10.00 ECB

OOP .xx very little

Earn $11.99 ECB

If you are reading this and have a less out of pocket and I get 2 packs of Pull Ups and end up with $11.99 ECB's please let me know.

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