Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Food Lion and my new disovery of the catalina!

For those of you like me who don't frequent Food Lion, they have a lovely machine called a Catalina. A Catalina is a machine that prints out coupons. I read through several sites that people are getting $2 towards there next purchase for each Glade plug in they are purchasing. To top it off they are on sale at Food Lion for 2/$3 and I had BOGO coupons.
Transaction 1
8 Glade Plug Ins
1 Skittles (Anthoney's)
OOP $ 6.40
Earned $16 off my next purchase
Transaction 2
4 Glade Plug Ins
1 Box of Pampers Wipes
Used the Catalina's from above and had to pay
OOP $.95
Earned $8 off my next purchase!
Can't beat that, the box of wipes alone cost $9.99!!

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alanajo said...

Wow! Wish i had a Food Lion.

Oh and I added you to my blog roll. No idea why you werent on there. I thought I added you forever ago.