Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Food Lion and CVS Trip

Took some time last night and matched up some coupons to sales at Food Lion. This is what I did
4 Cacao Chocolates $4.00
4 Doritos $7.58
2 Fruity Pebbles $2.96
2 Farm Rich Frozen Products $6.99
Coupons used
4 $1 off Cacao
2 $1 off Farm Rich Internet Printable at
Doritos were G2G2
Fruity Pebbles BOGO
Total Out of pocket $15.76
Saved $29.50
*** I found out at Food Lion today that when they have BOGO sales the products ring up for half price so if you don't need or want 2 you can get a great deal with or without pairing with a coupon.***
CVS Did this off the top of my head because I was in the area and said hey why not!
4 Excedrin $9.95
3 Crest White Strips $23.96
1 PowerAde $1.69
1 Just for Men $7.99
Coupons used
$2 off Just for Men
3 $2.00 off Excedrin
3 $7 off Crest White Strips
Total Out of Pocket $1.81 (should have put the PowerAde back because I had to take off one of the Crest strips because it would only allow $1 off and not $7 so I did another transaction below)
Earned $7.99 ECB for JFM, $1.49 for PowerAde
1 Fantastic Spray $2.50
1 Windex Wipes $2.50
1 Excedrin $2.99
1 Crest White Strip $5.99
Coupons Used
1.49 ECB
$2 off Windex
$1 off Fantastic
$2 off Excedrin
$7 off Crest White Strips
Total Out of Pocket .57
NO ECB's earned
*** I think my husband now has enough Excedrin to last him through the next year***


Tosha said...

Great Job! You did well at cvs even winging it.

MotherGoose said...

you've been tagged!!!

alanajo said...

I forgot to check for the white strips at CVS yesterday, but they didnt have them at Walmart.