Sunday, October 12, 2008

Wal Mart and CVS Early Morning Trip

I wasn't to fond of the ECB deals or sales in general but I couldn't resist my urge to go to CVS this morning. Since I have been going to CVS I have saved tons by not having an urge to shop at Target and spend $100 easily each trip.

Only did one transaction because of course like always the 24 hour CVS didn't have much of what I wanted. I did complain to the guy there but he was younger and didn't seem to care much.

1 Dove 14ct exfl. pads $4.99
1 Dove Skin Vit $9.99
1 Bodiheat Heat 3pk $3.99
1 Benadryl Itch $5.99

$3 off $15
$10 ECB's
$3 off Dove

$8.48 on Gift Card from turning in a prescription earlier in the week (I didn't write about that trip because it was a nightmare)

Earned $6 ECB's

I had to go out early this morning to get Clothes pins and clothes line for a Fall Festival I will be at all day today. Before I left I was online reading some blogs and I saw from that there was Gillette Mens Shampoo and Body Wash for $2. I checked in my handy dandy coupon binder for some q's and found 3 $2 off q's.


alanajo said...

Yay! Thanks for the link back and Im glad you found some left. :D

Savvy Saving Momma said...

There were tons left! I am wishing I had more q's!