Friday, November 14, 2008

What did you do with your Walgreens $5/$20 ??

I got :
3 Sudafed PE $11.97
2 Scotch Magic Tape $1.29 BOGO
1 Nyquil $5.99
1 Dayquil $5.99
$4.00 off Sudafed ($1.00,$1.50,$1.50)
$1.50 off Nyquil
$1.50 off Dayquil
Scotch tape $1.29 bogo in ad coupon
Total after Manufacturer coupons and store coupons $18.24
(Depending on cashier/store they may or may not let this slide, total should be $20.00 after manufacturer and store coupons)
Walgreens Coupon:
Total After Walgreen Coupons $13.32
$8.80 on Gift Card and 4.52 Out of pocket
I also walked out with $9.00 in Register Rewards

1 comment:

Michelle said...

I went Saturday with my $5/20, and my total came up to $19.99, she was going to make me get something else, but I gave her the "Are you serious?" look and she added a 1 cent charge to make it work.