Monday, December 1, 2008

November in Review

Spent $41.04 (I returned 2 kids toothpaste so I started at -.90)
Saved $916.93

Groceries (Food Only)
Spent $296.38
Saved $270.84 with coupons and store savings

I did Awesome at CVS this month! I still really need to work on my food savings, I would love to see my budget at $250.00.

I have so far stayed well below my $100.00 Christmas challenge, I think I have spent less then $30 on gifts for others. I'll have to pull my receipts to double check.


alanajo said...

Great job! I havent even kept up with mine this month. Things have been too crazy for me.

Savvy Saving Momma said...

Thanks! It has been hard to keep track of reciepts lately.