Thursday, January 22, 2009

Planning for Baby!

As I announced we are expecting in the Fall.

As a little back story we lost a baby at 20 weeks last April. We went in for our big sonogram to see if we were having a boy or a girl and to make sure all was well. The tech didn't see the heartbeat and we were told based on his size we lost him a couple of weeks ago. We went in a couple days later and I gave birth to our angel. This was and still is very sad for us and we will celebrate him on April 6 of this year.

After this happened I slowly got rid of all things baby so we have nothing accept for the crib. AS we proceed caustiously I am now searching for the best deals on double strollers, car seats and so much more. We cloth diaper so I now need a nice stash of newborn diapers and a few onesize.

Money Saving Mom has started a series on Having a Baby Without Breaking the Bank, this reminded me that I don't need all the baby gadgets that are labeled as must haves. I can't wait to read additional articles on this subject.

A great place to get cloth diapers from Work at Home Moms and used cloth diapers is

Another neat site I came across for great baby bargains is Baby Cheapskate it looks like she frequently post some good deals.


Alana Jo said...


Becky said...

First, congratulations on your great news.

Second, I feel your pain. We lost our baby Sept 1.5 years ago and our due date was for this past April 4th. The weeks up to and following that were very hard. Still no luck since on our end. I know that God has plans and I am keeping this in mind each and every day.

I will pray for you, for baby, for your whole family as you take this journey!


Fiery said...

Congratulations! Happy and healthy 9mos to you.