Sunday, October 26, 2008

CVS Trip

Everything went as planned although I went to the 24 hour CVS and they had no razors and the guy working said when he got there at 10pm they were gone, so I clarified with him that the sale for Sunday starts at 6pm on Saturday but be careful because things have known not to produce ECB's until later in the evening. So off to the other CVS that opened at 8am. The Manager was pulling up as I did and I asked her is she could please check to see if they were in stock, she was very nice about it and went in and came back out a couple minutes later with a YES!

I took a picture but the memory card wasn't in it and I already put everything away :(

I left with 20 ECB's and blew the ECB's Chris had on his card and got some stuff. I paid $5.55 out of pocket and saved over $150!

And I did found out that the Nova Glucose Monitor is a limit of 3!

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