Saturday, November 1, 2008


So I went early this morning to CVS because I want to take advantage of the Coke deal 4/$12 and needed to get some more ECB. I used the $5/$30 I got emailed to me and purchased a couple Breeze2 Monitors and a Nova monitor and several other things producing Nov. ECB. It has been tough keeping up with all the deals so this week will be a bit blurry.
I went to CVS again this evening at 6pm when the registers turn over to Sunday's sales and can you believe they didn't have any Crest ProHealth! Completely messed me up so I won't go into the transaction I did but will post under November CVS totals shortly.
ECB's I have to work with for tomorrow morning at a different CVS are $25.47.
I also returned 2 Colgate toothpaste from this morning because I didn't read the fine print and needed to spend $10, I really didn't need that much kids toothpaste! Weird thing the cashier said she had to keep my reciept, so I am trying to remember what the totals were. Anyway...I will post my scenarios shortly for the morning.

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