Saturday, November 22, 2008

CVS Trip

My CVS switches over at 6pm on Saturday so I took a trip up there and did my transactions as planned I spent $5.20 out of pocket and saved $55.11. The only ECB that printed was the Complete. Apparently they have a new way of actually printing ECB's when they don't print so I now have 4 $7 Right Guard, 1 $9 Maybelline and 1 $8.99 Complete. I kind of like how the Right Guard printed separately!
Can't wait until Thursday!! *I have read a few forums about the Thanksgiving sale starting tomorrow, the Manager at the store I frequent assured me it starts in Thursday! I surely hope so because I would hate to miss out on the deals.

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ferrferr said...

I heard the reason the Maybelline wasn't printing was because of conflicting sales. I did my transaction after midnight and I got charged $9.99 and got no ECB for it. The manager ended up giving me cash in return.

And the limit on the Maybelline is 2, and 5 on the Complete solution. Although I think it may still count towards December.