Friday, July 10, 2009

Grocery Challenge $400 a month until September

I am "suppose" to be resting as much as possible so my mother went meat shopping for us and spent $115.95.
She got us 6 pks of pork chops, 4 pks of ground beef, 2 2 pks of beef ribeye steaks, 5 pks of chicken breasts, pk of bubba burgers, pk of bacon, huge bag of frozen sausage, crab delight meat, bologna, 2 frozen pizza's, frozen broccoli and cheese, big container of yogurt, huge container of Snack party mix, oreo cookies, chocolate ice cream topping, gerber yogurt snacks, bagels, toaster strudels, 2 pks of hotdogs, frozen pretzels, box of sausage on a stick and cream cheese. She shopped at the Commissary which has awesome prices on meat.

So far for July $115.95 spent and $7.50 saved

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