Thursday, March 18, 2010

I just don't get it!

Last night was pretty rough. Cameron woke himself up coughing and eventually threw up all over the bed. For the rest of the night he just kept coughing and whining. It so difficult to get him to take any kind of medicine. After an hour of on and off trying I finally got him to take something and he went to sleep for a good 3 hours and was back to coughing and whining again. Now he is sleeping and I am not looking forward to waking him so we can take the older 2 to school.

Today was a planned day for me to watch Big Boy and his sister so we informed them about Cameron and the mom didn't even bat an eye. I remember being in a work situation where my boss said I had to come to work or I would be fired so maybe that's the case with her. I just don't get it, why are employers like that? Why would she want her kids to be around another sick child? I hope her kids don't get sick!

To top my day off our washer was leaking and it now needs to be replaced. We can't run the washer because the floor needs to dry out and then my husband needs to assess the damage. Ugghh I don't want to use disposable diapers and I have bedding that needs washing. I have not ever used a laundromat and I can't say I would even wash my cloth diapers in them. Hopefully my mom comes to the rescue and I can wash over at her house.

I was looking forward to going to Old Navy to use my 30% off friends and family coupon! Looks like I will need to fit it into our weekend schedule.

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