Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Party Planning

Where have I been? I have been busy planning for my daughter's 8th Birthday Party and preparing for several upcoming cakes for friends.

I had no clue as kids got older they were going to be so picky with party themes and activities. My daughter seems to think we have a money tree growing out back. I don't recall being so indecisive when I was her age, maybe I should ask my parents about this.

First we had to decide on a theme. Originally she was head over heals in love with this diva theme and this glitzy girl theme. She had a similar Rock Girl Diva theme for her 6th birthday and I was really trying to sway her away from it. She ended up agreeing with me but only if we could mesh the two themes some how. I really think all she wants to do is dance and sing to Justin Beiber songs, lol.

Last week online I found a $10 off a $30 purchase for Party City that expired Sunday. So we went to Party City and got all things Glitzy Girl. When we came home we sat down and wrote out her guest list. Girl was so picky with who she wanted to invite. She told me well I like this girl but the other girls don't and so on. It was a long process that did eventutally end with her taking 6 invites to school. I do limit the number of kids that attend an at home party because our house won't accomodate many. Although we have had success in outdoor parties the past few years.

I have gone back and forth with what activites we will have and I think we decided on making bead necklaces and decorating flip flops. Should be fun for the girls.

I mentioned above that I am making a couple of cakes. I have planned a Dora cake for this weekend, a Bulls head cake for next Thursday and Fish shaped cake lollipops for my husband aand brothers birthday. On top of that I am trying to draw up my plans for my daughter's cakes. She has asked for 3 tiers of which each tier represents what she likes. I am going to be pretty busy but will try to update you all on my progress and ofcourse pictures.

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