Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Unexpected Phone Call

I had a great day planned today but it all got derailed when the phone rang this morning at 5:30am. Big Boys mom needed me to watch him and his sister. Being the Yes person I am I said ok. Got up almost immediately because I had a sink filled with dirty dishes, basket full of dirty clothes and clothes to get out for the kids. I knew none of this would get done without me being highly irritated if I didn't do it right then. My hopes of getting a shower went out the window with that phone call aswell, lol!

So far so good. All the kids are behaving if, I can get passed the morning snack popcorn mess because they are now sitting quietly coloring. The babies are napping and I get to have some computer time!

It doesn't look like any grocery stores around me are having any sales where I would want to stock up so no trip needed until this weekend, more than likely Sunday.

I was up a bit late last night working on 2 dresses for Malaina.
I tried freezer paper stenciling, which is using freezer paper to cut out a stencil. You can then adhere the freezer paper to fabric by ironing it, and then using fabric paint. I learned a few things from this. This is a great idea, don't use fabric spray paint (came out goopy not in a spray affect I was looking for), drying can take more than 4 hours unlike what they paint bottle says and don't try doing such an intricate stencil first. I seem to alway dive right in without really thinking. Anyhow Malaina likes them and that's what matters.

Freezer paper on the dress
Painted, got a tad bit of over spray near the neckline and shoulder
Here is the other dress I made from scrap knit fabric I had
And on her, perfect fit!

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