Sunday, September 28, 2008

9/28-10/04 CVS Shopping

I did my usual CVS shopping early this morning and I have to say I feel cheated. I had all 5 transaction worked out, even knew what I was going to get if they didn't have something in stock. Luckily I got everything on my list but the ECB price tags were misplaced on several items like the Colgate 360 tooth brushes, they were all mixed up so I assumed as long as it was a 360 I would be fine well I got 4 tooth brushes and 4 toothpaste and only got 4 ECB's. (2 dif. cards) I went out to the van and got in and looked over my receipt and can you believe the tooth brushes were $4.49 each, there was no way I was paying almost $20 and not getting my 4 ECB's so I returned those as well as 2 softsoaps of which I miscalculated and needed $2 more out of pocket. I can't wait until 8AM so I can call Customer Service and tell them how rude this CVS was and how my receipt specifically says amount needed for reward and the cashier insists I can only get 2 ECB no matter how many more Colgate I buy. The limit says 2, so I am thinking it is allowable, right??
Anyway...I spent $13.27 OOP and saved $122.42.
I got:
8-12 packs of coke products
1-Gillette Fusion Phantom Razor
2-Colgate Total toothpaste
2-Colgate Kids toothpaste
4-Covergirl makeups
2-bags of combos
7-softsoap hand soap
8-Dawn dishsoap(I still have about 10 of by 2 get $1 off coupons that I need to use by the 30th)
1-Ambi Exfoliator

Also something strange happened the cashier handed me back my $4/$20 and said I already gave her one and I know for a fact I only printed one from my email.

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alanajo said...

You did great. I would have taken them back as well.