Sunday, September 28, 2008

New to CVSing this week?

Get started with this easy transaction and earn some ECB's!
Look at Today's coupons and clip the CoverGirl coupons for $1 off on CoverGirl Product, Buy one Cover Girl Foundation and get a complimentary Face Product.
1 CoverGirl Foundation (Liquid) and pick out any face product $5.49

Use Both CoverGirl Cosmetics = 1.00 Off

Your OOP will be around $5.00 depending on your taxes
Your ECB's will be $5.79 the circular states $5.49 but it is printing higher

Now you have ECB's to do your next transaction!

If you are thinking Christmas you can use that ECB and the $4 off Gilletter Power Razor in today's paper and have about $1 OOP and recieve $5 ECB's. Your options are endless!

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