Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Went to CVS after picking Chris up from work tonight. My sole reason for going was to get the Iron Man dvd for Anthoney for his birthday. WELL...yesterday I bought 20 bottles of Dawn without thinking I needed 21 to get the $10 off the dvd. So today I purchased one bottle of dawn .99 and used a .20 off coupon and had the cashier ring up the dvd. The dvd was not showing as $9.99 so once again I had to deal with this bitchy Supervisor. She said I needed to buy all 21 dawn and the dvd in one transaction to get the $10 off. I read the ad over an over to see if she was right and it doesn't specifically say that. I told her never mind with the movie and just got the dawn. She really pissed me off so I got confused and used the wrong card and got 6 Maxfresh for $2.99 each and used my $3/$15 CVS coupon 5 ECB, .50 Summer spending ECB and 6.00 off Maxfresh. (FYI the deal states 3 per household but I got 6 and now it says my limit is reached.) I ended up paying $4.86 out of pocket for the maxfresh and dawn and earned 12 ECB's which I was going to use to buy another Fusion razor but it looks like now I will have to rework my transactions so I can get the dvd.

****I called Customore Service and I was right about the $20 can be stretched through the week and supposedly I will be ok when I go back in****

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