Wednesday, October 1, 2008

October Grocery Challenge

I am challenging myself to only spend $300 this month for groceries. I will post to the right under Grocery Challenge $300 every time I purchase food.

Today I got
3 Bag N Season's $3.00
2 4 pk of Hunts pudding $2.00
2 Banquet Sausage $2.00
2 Chex mix $2.00
1 Chuckie Cheese String Cheese $3.99
Used 3 Manufacture Coupons -1.75
Total OOP 11.24
(I could have done without the string cheese but Anthoney loves it)
*Receipt doesn't say how much I saved but it had to be atleast $6.00

Food Lion
2 Turkey Hill Party Cake Ice Cream $6.00
1 pack of corn tortilla's $1.89
6 Yoplait Yogurt $4.26
Used 2 Manufacture Coupons $1.40
Total OOP $9.49
*Saved $7.04

1 comment:

alanajo said...

Im thinking of doing the grocery challenge as well. Dh buys things at work for his lunch. So Im not sure how Id work that in? I do all the rest of the shopping. Maybe I can just keep up with my spending?