Tuesday, September 30, 2008

CVS Trip this evening!!

Went out tonight with the kids and Chris and it was horrible. I went in with 10 Dawn coupons that expire today. I picked up 20 Dawn, 1 pack of 4 AA batteried clearanced to $2.89, 1 CoverGirl liquid foundation and 1 CoverGirl Concealer.

The first transaction was the CoverGirl to get the $5.79 ECB's, OOP was $5.xx with the coupons I used. The cashier couldn't figure out how to use the BOGO coupon, it kept telling her to put in the coupon amount. I told her it was the lower of the 2 but she called the manager over to do.

Second Transaction was the Dawn and the pack of batteries. I had a $4/$20 which the cashier wouldn't accept, $4 ECB's from Customer Service, $10 off Dawn with all my coupons, Thinking off the top of my head I had another $4 off but can't remember what is was from. Anway...it was a cashier in training so I was very patient with her, she started getting frustrated when one of the Dawn coupons wouldn't scan and called the manager once again. Swiped my card for the $3.xx I had to pay, the manager looked at my receipt and rolled her eyes and threw it at me and said next time only 6 coupons per transaction. I was in awe and didn't feel like getting irrate with her when I had my daughter in the store with me.
I went ahead with my third transaction which was the $15 off 3M to get 5ECB's.
As I was walking out I realized I could have handed the cashier a $3/$15 when she refused my $4/$20 so of course this really pisses me off, so I go to the van and pull out all my receipts. As I am looking over them I realize I just needed to buy one more dawn to get the Iron Man DVD $10 off coupon.
Grrrr...now I need to make another trip.
I had Chris call CS and he waited on the line until someone picked up, I explained what happened and they are going to have the manager's boss contact her because she was completely wrong. Manager's have the right to limit quanities and it must be posted but she can not limit coupons!
Since this put me in a crappy mood I didn't take pictures.


alanajo said...


Why wouldnt she take your $4/20?
That makes no sense to me.

I had some trouble AFTER I used my $4/20 yesterday.. caused my higher ECBs to screw up. I wasnt the only one though. I saw that others had a similar issue.

My sister had a horrible experience at CVS today, called CS and they told her she could use 500 coupons if she had them.

Savvy Saving Momma said...

I read your blog! I was wondering is maybe some of the employees/managers are jealous or follow the blogs. When I go into mine with my coupon binder in tow I get some mean looks!
Not sure about the coupon, when I tried to use it the other day she said I couldn't use 2 and I only handed her one so maybe somehow she deactivated it.