Monday, February 15, 2010

Not much accomplished today


I spent most of the day trying to entertain the kids and cleaning up after them. It wasn't such a bad day, don't get me wrong I had the screaming, crying and whining but not as bad as last week.

Cameron my 2 year old was really good, he played by himself and watched TV in my bedroom, maybe he is getting sick again. I hope not!

I did some rearranging, we had our dining table in the kitchen and it was getting to be a pain so I moved it back into our main room, so now I need to find a place for our desktop computer. I am thinking in the kitchen, I may work on this tomorrow.

We keep the kitchen gated off from the main room because Cameron going in there is something I just don't want to deal with. We do the same with the bathroom. I had to take the gate down to move the table and Cameron was in heaven, lol! He didn't know what to do first. He did make a mess but mainly pots and pans. I was going to leave the gate down just to see if the newness would ware off but Macy will probably be crawling in the next couple of weeks and she surely isn't going to be crawling on the kitchen floor.

My mom came over and dropped of a Wii game Anthoney has been begging to borrow and she dropped off that cute mowhawk hat she made for Macy above.

I also posted pics of our living/family room on a craft forum under the Home Decorating thread about using curtain, wood blinds or both.
I think I am leaning towards wood blinds with a sheer satin like green curtain.

On top of my list in my previous post I want to make tomorrow a freezer cooking day. I want to make pancakes and banana muffins. Wish me Luck because it's also another snow day for the kids!

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