Thursday, February 18, 2010

Totally Exhausted!


This morning after dropping Malaina off at school we went to Chuck E Cheese to meet up with a friend and her kids. The boys had a blast as always!


When it was time to leave the boys didn't give me a hard time but I gave Cameron a little freedom and let him walk out by himself and that wasn't such a good idea. He went running down the sidewalk, grrrrr I stood there and gave him the you are in big trouble face and he came walking back.

Macy looked like such a big girl today. It's hard to believe she was only 4 lbs when she was born almost 6 months ago.

One would think Chuck E Cheese would tire out a 2 and 4 year old but nope, not my boys. They just kept going, going and they are still going. 8 o'clock can't come fast enough!

I didn't get much cleaning done today, I did however go through some of Macy's clothes. I think she is finally out of 0-3 month stuff. I did some shopping online for the kids Spring Clothes. The Children's Place has Windbreakers for $10 with a 15% off code, making them only $8.50 each. I can't beat this price when I have 4 kids that will need Spring coats.

I am toying with the idea of entering my kids into a beauty pageant coming up next weekend. Really I only want to enter Macy and Cameron but Malaina really wants to do it too. I am torn, I may not enter Cameron at all but he is such a ham he would love it.

My goals for tomorrow are to finally go through the boys toys and go in my daughters room and go through her clothes. I also need to put the computer in the kitchen. I think I want to find a nice rug of some sort to put under the desk to cozy up the computer area a bit, we'll see if I can make it to Target or Wal-mart to get one.

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