Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The snow has finally stopped....for now

Yep, it has stopped. For now that is. I hear we are suppose to get a few more inches come Saturday.

My husband came home from work around 11:30, the roads were so bad he had to leave his car there and get a ride with a co worker who had 4 wheel drive. I am so glad he made it home safely. He was a great help with the kids today, as he should be right? Alot of times he is too tired from working to do much when he gets home, which yes it does aggrevate me but he doesn't have a cushy office job or even a job where he sits all day. He works on cars and is outside for a good part of the day.

Today was semi productive, I got a load of clothes and a load of diapers washed. Yep we use cloth diapers. I could talk for days about cloth diapers but I will save that for another day. I really wanted to get to my coupons but haven't yet. We are running low on a bunch of things, but then again I doubt I will even be able to leave the house any time soon. So we will have to compromise and eat some new and interesting meals.

My oldest 2 wanted to go outside, even though we told them it was too windy. Yet again it took them longer to get dressed. They weren't even out there for 10 minutes.

While they were outside my 2 year old Cameron was taking a nap and Macy my 5 month old was hanging out in her excersaucer.

It pretty much took me all day to prepare
3 batches of fondant and buttercreme frosting
2 layers of french vanilla cake and rice krispy treat

I can't wait to share what I am making!

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