Friday, February 12, 2010

We got out! We Got Out!!


Yesterday, late Afternoon I got a much needed break. All 3 of my youngest kids took a nap at the same time! It was amazing. Malaina and I were finally able to open her candy jewelry making kit. She has been bugging me all week but I just knew her brothers would want to make some which inturn would mean a big mess for me to clean up. I do not recommend this to anyone, seems like all the Jakks Pacifica stuff we buy is junk. It took entirely too long for 4 small pieces of candy. She got bored with it too fast.

Last night while I was watching Greys Anatomy and Private Practice I was finally feeling up to going through my coupons. It's so time consuming but well worth it! Just in time to get the coupons for this weekends shopping.

This morning I woke up to splattered milk all over the living room and the kids screaming about it. Ugh! I knew we just had to get out of this house today. I fed them a quick breakfast got all 4 of them dressed and ready to go in less than 45 minutes and we were out the door. I didn't have a specific place or places in mind we just needed out.

We ended up going to Weis and getting some essentials like milk and bread. I also had to correct a mistake my husband did on Sunday. I had ordered a party platter for the Super Bowl, with the coupon I had he was to only pay maybe $6.00, he came back and his reciept was $14 more. It irks me when I know I am right about something so I looked at the reciept from online when I ordered and they charged him for a medium when I ordered a small. So I did get my money back this morning. I used that to get the kids Happy Meals. WOW OH WOW was Burger King crowded I think everyone had plans to leave the house today.

TGIF!!!! Can't wait to have Chris home for the next 2 days.

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