Saturday, February 13, 2010

Operation Stay Out of the House

This morning I got up cleaned up the house, got all the kids dressed and we left. I made Chris drive, he hates driving our van it's just not his style but hey I did everything to get us out of the house that's the least he could do.

I had been promising Malaina we would get her some new clothes at Justice so that was on our agenda but first we had 2 stops to make. I had to drop some stuff off at my sisters house and Chris wanted to go to the Hobby store. These two stops took maybe 45 minutes. Chris and I should have known that all 4 kids weren't going to cooperate after this point but we headed to the Mall anyway. It was a disaster! I really think I handle all the kids by myself much better because I DO NO give in and Chris tends to. I won't go into detail but Malaina and I hurried to pick out some things and we left the Mall.

On the way home all the kids fell a sleep, it was so nice! When we got home we ate lunch and we dedicated the day to playing games with the kids.

We got them all nice and tired and they are all a sleep and it's only 8:30. I am going to go through the sales papers to see if I am going to go out in the monring. I did see ShopRite has the full line of Tyson Poultry 50%, I don't think I have any coupons to match with this sale but it's still worth stocking up.

Can't wait to have some much needed quality time with my husband when I am done.

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