Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I couldn't survive twins!


Today was hectic! As I mentioned yesterday I was watching a little boy, 6 months old. Same age as Macy, she is actually a couple days older. Let me tell you this boy is HUGE or my girl is tiny. No he is HUGE, has to be atleast 30 lbs and 27-28 inches long. I was going to take a picture of them side by side but I know how they feel about having a big baby. My boys are big for their ages and it drives me crazy when people point it out.

I don't mind so much watching other people kids, I am even licensed but now I know why I don't want to continue to be. Trying to figure out what someone elses baby likes and dislikes it exhausting. I like helping people out for a day here and there so I am going to watch him again tomorrow.

I am hoping all the nice things I do for others, somewhere down the road someone will return the favor.

Around 1:30 today I got them to sleep at the same time so I got online and relaxed for a bit. I came acoss a CVS deal I could not pass up. Huggies refill wipes, 184 count are ringing up $2.50. So finally I could put my CVS mailer coupons to good use!
I got 6 bags of refill wipes $15.00, 2 liter diet coke $1.34 and CVS brand wipes $2.99. I had a $5 off $15 CVS coupon, $3.00 off CVS brand coupon, Free 2 Liter CVS coupon took off $1.99 and a $.50 off Huggies Wipes. Total out of pocket was a whopping $9.41!

So much for buying the wipe warmer for my cloth wipes. I was trying to go through all the wipes I got a few months ago at Target but now with this deal, I won't need any for a couple more months.

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