Monday, February 22, 2010

It's Monday!

I was so glad to have my 2 older kids in school this morning. I can't say I accomplished much but I enjoyed the peace and quiet. Cameron enjoyed it also!

I was on the computer a bit trying to make a menu for this week, so far I have Swiss Chicken Casserole, chicken fajitas and meatloaf. Yea I didn't put too much thought into this, lol!

I was finally able to straighten up Macy's stuff. Now I have a huge bin of clothes I need to decide if I want to sell or just give away. I like consigning but it is so time consuming but I am leaning more towards it.

This is Macy's area after it has been cleaned up.

Her "nicer" clothes are hanging in a closet. One would think the labels would be helpful for my husband and older daugter but NO, they still come to me and say where is... Very annoying!

In the mail today I got The Woombie I ordered last week. I washed it and it was ready just in time for Macy's afternoon nap.
She might have slept 20 minutes longer than usual, but she also wasn't in her swing where she sleeps a majority of the time. So that was a plus. My goal for buying The Woombie is to get her into the crib to sleep all the time.

I am writing this post a bit early today because I have to wake up early tomorrow. I am watching a little boys, 6 months old. His parents are suppose to be coming over this evening to go over his schedule. I am sure tomorrow willl be very interesting!

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