Friday, February 26, 2010

Summer Vacation What's That?

I'm starting to think my kids won't have much of a Summer Vacation with all of these missed days because of the snow. Today they are having another, it should actually be called a too much wind day. The snow isn't too much of an issue but the wind is fierce!

I was a bit upset that my day has been ruined, but that's ok. I plan on getting some sewing in today. My neice is here and she keeps the boys pretty much occupied. They love their Tat!

I didn't do much yesterday, I watched the Big boy again for half the day and then I got some sewing in when the little ones took an afternoon nap.

This is what I made

The dress was made from a shirt that no longer fits my older daughter and the legwarmers are made from ladies knee high socks.

I was also able to hemm my sons pants for the Pageant tomorrow. He is going to look so dapper! Now if only I could find a cute dress for Macy. I have been to several stores and everything seems so blah. I have one dress in mind but I really don't feel like driving to go and get it.

I have a sink full of dishes, clothes to put away, rugs to vaccuum, diapers to put away, kids to bathe and entertain. But first I must go stalk here.

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