Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Weis Trip

Last night I had to make a trip to get milk, typically I like to go in the morning but that wasn't happening with 2 6 month olds and a 2 year old.
The savvy saver I am I have been piling up all my coupons and mail on the dining table and I remembered I had a $10 off $50 and a coupon for free Weis Diapers. I have also been saving a bunch of FREE product coupons from becoming a fan of companies on facebook and other various websites in a plastic bag. I grabbed all my coupons and I was off.

My total before swiping my Weis card and giving my coupons was $ 96.95, after Weis card savings $52.55 and after coupons $17.60! WOOOHOOO, I have my coupon mojo back!

I wish it wasn't so late when I got back, I wanted to take a picture of everything I got.

Lets see if I can remember it all
2 Purex Laundry detergents
1 small steps toilet paper
1 pack of fiber one yogurt
1 pack of jello mousse
1 Jumbo Weis diapers
1 Jumbo Pull Ups
4 12 packs of diet coke
2 2 ltr bottles of diet coke
1 50 ct excedrin
1 gallon milk
1 half gallon chocolate milk
1 box of mini muffins
1 10 lb bag potatoes
2 fast fixin dino nuggets

I am pretty sure that all of it, that's alot of stuff!

Now if only the babies would nap so I can check out this 4 day price break sale at ShopRite and we'll be all set for this upcoming snow!

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