Saturday, February 27, 2010

Pageant Day

Today started and ended on a really bad foot!

I woke up to my son having wrote all over himself with black dry erase marker from my other sons book bag and my husband had to work.

My mom dropped off Cameron's dress shirt, as I do not iron so she took it home with her earlier in the week. After she left I went to ShopRite to get some of the good deals they had going on. I should have taken more time and actually written down my strategy. In my mind I was thinking I need to spend $100 to use my $10 off $100 coupon that expires today. I had a stack of coupons and felt confident when I went to the register. I got a crap load of stuff and I was $20 away from $100. she was putting in my coupons my total was going lower and lower and I was kicking myself. I thought about being THAT person and tell the cashier hold on I forgot...but I didn't I sucked it up and took the loss. I ended up spending $40.xx not bad for all the stockpiling of Apple Juice, Ragu, Chocolate syrup, Garlic breadsticks, ice cream and gogurts!

When I got back I was pissed! Chris doesn't even ask to help bring in the groceries, he is sitting on the couch holding Macy. I bring 3 loads of groceries in the house and start putting it all away. When I was done, I sat at the dining table ready to go through the sale papers for tomorrow and I glanced over at my netbook and I don't see the orange charging light. Hmmm I'll look at that when I am done, I say to myself. I then go to the desktop computer in the kitchen to see what coupons I haven't printed on and I CAN'T get on the internet. Agghhh, apparently one of the kids turned off the light switch that controls the wireless box. So that answered my question about the charging light on my battery.

We rested until about 4:30 and then I started getting Macy and Cameron dressed for the Pageant. They looked adorable! Although we are on the fence about going further on to States.
Macy and I are in the middle (my wonderful husband isn't that great with taking pictures)

We treated the kids to McDonalds which is extremely rare. When we got home and were situated Cameron started throwing up. Ick! Right when we were about to sit down and eat. I'm not sure what is wrong with him, he doesn't have a fever and he didn't have any sick symptoms before we left. Chris made a bed for him on the floor next to him on the couch. Hopefully he is done throwing up.
Cameron must have scared off his competition as he was the only boy for the 2 to 3 yr old category. He won it all Best Attire, Prettiest Smile, Prettiest Hair, Prettiest Eyes, Best Personality and he was the King! Hey a win is a win, right?
Macy competed against 2 other little girls. She walked away with Prettiest Hair, Best Personality and 2nd Runner Up.

This post is really long so I am going to stop now. I will write about what my husband went out and did Friday night maybe tomorrow if we aren't too busy.

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