Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Snow Again?

Oh My! There is snow in the forecast, I am going to SCREAM if these kids don't have school tomorrow.

I have sewing on my mind and I would love to get some done tomorrow. Nothing major or creative just hemming pants for Cameron and making a couple jean skirts for Malaina. I've had these jeans piled up on my dresser for weeks and this really needs to get done.

I watched the Big boy again today. It was a bit smoother, for some reason he slept much longer today. Macy and Big boy played wonderfully together, accept for the one time Macy insisted on taking the teether he had.

So it looks like I will be watching him more often and his big sister. I'm really not all that excited about this. I feel a bit pushed into it by my husband. I love kids and don't totally mind watching them but I just don't like the feeling of knowing I am stuck at home. The extra money will be nice, I can finally order some cloth diapers I had my eye on.

What did I accomplish today? I washed every single dish in the sink, all the clothes, went through Anthoney and Cameron's closet and pulled out clothes that won't fit either of them and I finally hung the curtain by the dining table in the living/family room. I did alot considering at one point I had 5 kids needing my attention. I am happy I went through the clothes because now I see that Anthoney needs new clothes, Gymboree and Osh Kosh here I come!!

No pictures tonight maybe tomorrow

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